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Hidden Life Insurance…


I was called by our HR department to review my latest health insurance information for the new year. They like to confirm everything is correct before the new policy begins. She checked off my information and then asked, ‘Is your beneficiary the same for your life insurance policy? We haven’t reviewed that in a few years.’

‘Life insurance policy?’ I asked.

‘Of course. I have your husband listed. Is that OK?’ she asked.

‘I’m sorry. Remind me. How much is this life insurance policy?’

Click. Type. Click. Pause.

‘We have a policy on you for $98,000.’ She started rattling off the salary ratio that determined that amount and explained how it changed with each increase in pay, and I stared at the floor, trying desperately to remember when I signed up for insurance… and how I was paying for it.

As if reading my mind, she pulled my application from her files and showed it to me.

There is was, the policy I signed up for on my very first day… and paid for by my company.

Of course, I called my husband to share about the unexpected policy and he said, ‘Well yeah hon, I have one at work too. It’s like $50K or something.’

Well, I guess we’re a little over insured. Something to keep in mind when deciding on additional insurance – know how much you already have!!

I think that no matter what we do it will be important to get a variety of quotes from the Internet to compare.

No Dining Out Week… I lost count.


My dining out moratorium ends on Monday.

I might just spend the entire day at my favorite Mexican food shop crying tears of joy into a carne asada burrito.

You should probably know, I did end up violating the ‘no dining out’ policy last weekend again. My sister was in town for the garage sale and she forced me to take her to the Thai food restaurant down the street.

OK, so she didn’t exactly ‘force’ me per se. She may have said, ‘Aren’t you on a no dining out policy?”

Darn this blog and the accountability that comes with it.

“Uh, I think that ended last week” I stuttered and ushered her into the car before she asked questions.

Twice in two months isn’t bad.

I’ve saved so much money from dining at home and eating leftovers that I feel more secure financially – even if only a little bit. It’s like dieting for two months and fitting into your skinny jeans.

I think this may become permanent…