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Honey, Write a Blog About This…


My husband does his best to help with blog ideas. Writing about ways we save money multiple times each week can sometimes be a struggle and he loves to help as much as he can.

A few nights ago, my brother was trying to clear a drain when my husband wasn’t home and he ended up pushing the clog from his bathroom shower drain over to the connecting pipe with our shower drain. When I went to take a shower, it quickly turned into standing water.


My husband came home, mumbled something about plumbing work being left to plumbers, and attempted to fix the problem. Realizing the clog was a tough one, he called a co-worker to borrow a drain snake to clear the lines.

Last night, after what sounded like quite the wrestling match, my husband walked into the kitchen and asked me to grab my camera.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘I figured you could take a photo of our shower and talk about saving money by doing work yourself’ he said proudly.

‘By taking a photo of the shower drain? I can’t really express a clear shower drain in a photo though’ I responded.

‘No hon. Take a photo of the mess I made!’ he said while smiling, walking me to the bathroom.

I walked through the door and gasped as I looked at the black tar mess with stringy hair that covered our shower, the walls, and the floor.

I looked at my husband, who had a black streak of who knows what across his forehead, and smiled.

I love him. I really do. But he doesn’t have a good understanding of the concept that people have VERY different tolerances of plumbing grossness than he does.

Needless to say, I did not take a photo.

But I promised to share the importance of doing work yourself… or…

do what I did and marry a plumber. It’s easier.

Dear Murphy – Please Move Out…


Murphy’s Law has moved in to our house.

First we had the damage done by our house sitter (update on that later), now we have a fickle water heater.

Our water heater has started leaking an excessive amount of water. If I lived in Kansas, perhaps leaking water wouldn’t be a problem – but I live in California. Forget oil, water is our liquid gold.

My plumber husband has been out in the garage for the last hour and a half trying to save our 5 year old water heater. All I keep hearing is, ‘I’ll get six more years out of you if it kills me!!’

I stay quiet and make a waterless dinner while he slams tools and torches the pipes. Halfway through cooking, he opened the garage door into the kitchen and shouted, ‘It’s a lot more fun to do this while you are getting PAID for it!’ then disappeared again.

We are $75 in the hole so far but I all I can think is…

Thank God I married a plumber – albeit a temporarily grouchy plumber.