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When Frugality Bites…


I’ve been known to be cheap, err, frugal. We don’t have a lot of cash and I’d prefer not to go into debt so I’ve been caught acting ridiculous a time or two to save money.

I knew it would catch up with me.

I made a fresh batch of cookies the other night and grabbed my husband’s Charger football oven glove from the drawer to pull the cookie sheet out. As soon as my gloved hand touched the hot metal, I screamed and dropped the cookies on the floor. Upon further examination, I found a rather large hole in the thumb finger of the glove. My hand suffered a nasty burn.

I angrily threw the oven mitt in the trash and used another one from the drawer for the remaining cookies.

Last night, hubby made a yummy dinner and I heard him shuffling through the oven mitt drawer while the baby and I were playing on the living room floor.

‘Hey hon? Where is my Charger mitt?’ he asked.

‘It had a hole in the thumb and I burned myself so I threw it in the trash.’ I called from the living room.


I picked up the baby and walked into the kitchen. He was staring at the drawer, deflated.

He looked up at me, ‘I know it had a hole in it. I just didn’t use the thumb part. Things have been kinda tight lately and I didn’t want to spend the money to replace it. And aren’t you always saying we need to make things last longer?’

Sigh. He caught me on that. He should be allowed to have at least one crazy frugal holdout. Plus, I should have known not to throw out a man’s football anything.

Looks like the first thing I’m buying in debt free March is a Chargers oven mitt. Sorry honey.