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Shameless theft of gift ideas…


Every year, my sister gives me the BEST gift and, thanks to my good for nothing memory, I forget to steal it and claim it as my own. But I figured I’d share it here so maybe you can do a better job of gift idea theft than me.

My sister bakes the world’s best cookies (no exaggeration) from scratch and as awesome as that is, it’s not the best part of her gift. She also includes all the dry ingredients for a complete dinner and prints the directions on beautiful holiday paper. This year’s selection: tortilla soup with corn bread.

Sure, nothing makes me feel older than getting far more excited over a pre-mixed dinner than the new Lady Gaga CD but… we all have to grow up (somewhat) sometime.

So, steal the idea for next year and claim it as your own. There is no shame in stealing good ideas.

Thanks Cole.

Good Workout? No Gym Required…


I haven’t been released to exercise since I came down with pneumonia, but I figured I could exercise a little without doing too much damage. Never mind the fact that I haven’t exerted any sort of physical energy for the last 60 or so days. I was just so tired of feeling like a sick train wreck, I thought exercising might make me feel more like the old me.

My husband bought me the Wii Active More Workouts game for Christmas so I figured that would be a good place to start. Users are given the option to choose easy, medium, or hard workouts. Given my current situation, I chose… medium.

The overachiever in me is incapable of choosing any option labeled ‘easy’.

And maybe, this choice would have been fine… had I not exchanged the flimsy resistance band from the package to my ultra strong 3 layer band.

31 minutes later I was sweating, gasping for breath, and wishing I had taught my dog to fetch my inhaler. Just thinking about the ‘hard’ level gives me night terrors.

I’m cancelling my gym membership.