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A/C is on….


It could only last so long, right?

After our outrageous electric bill back in February I turned the A/C totally OFF and it has remained that way ever since. The impact on our bill has been HUGE! Our most recent bill (to be paid this month) is less than one hundred dollars! I think that’s the lowest electric bill we’ve ever received!!!

In my last budget update I’d mentioned that I wasn’t sure how long it would last. We’ve had a few days in the mid-90’s temperature range, and it’s been a little tough to deal with the heat lingering around well into the night. Even so, I was secretly hoping to leave the A/C fully off until after our cruise (which would put us in early May).

Not so much. heh.

I got home the other day from work after what had been another day in the mid-90s and the FIRST thing I notice is a sound….the sound of the air conditioner running.

Gotta love sweet hubs. He set the thermostat at 80 degrees, so it’s still quite high and the A/C isn’t running for long. But he’d been off work early that day and the house was just too hot to handle. Fine. So we compromised on an 80* setting for the time being.

I don’t anticipate this having a huge impact on our electric bill or anything. Living in Tucson we have some HOT summers so we always have higher electric bills in summer when the A/C is busy cranking away for most of the day. But it makes it a bit more “real.” Summer is right around the corner. The hot temps are already coming in full-force. It will be interesting what next month’s bill will be.


Killer Cooling Costs


How is it that every summer I’m completely thrown off guard by our ridiculously high electric bill? Given Tucson’s heat, our A/C is running constantly – even with our thermostat set to 80 degrees during the day and 76 degrees at night!

I thought last month’s electric bill was bad ($209) but since we were gone for a full week at the beginning of July, I’d half-expected this month’s bill to be lower. LOL at that! Wishful thinking, I guess!

I felt like I’d been hit in the gut when I opened our bill and faced the music – to the tune of $245!!! In fact, I was so shocked by the higher bill (given what I’d thought was a lower usage compared to last month), that I pulled up my old Excel spreadsheet from last year (we now use YNAB) to check out how this year’s bill compared to last year’s bill. And, wouldn’t you know, this month’s bill was actually a little LOWER compared to last couple year’s bills!

August 2013:  $261

August 2014:  $251

August 2015: $245

Judging from the past two years’ September bills, next month won’t be that much better (September 2013 = $230; September 2014 = $245). So I guess I’ll just have to plan ahead for having these super high electric bills!

If nothing else, at least I feel a bit better knowing that this month’s bill isn’t out of line with previous years’ usage (even though a nearly two hundred fifty dollar bill still causes me to feel like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me).

What are your cooling costs like over the summer? Before moving to our current rental house (in 2013), we lived in places without A/C. We just has swamp coolers/evaporative cooling. According to my Excel spreadsheet, our electric bill  in August 2012 was $136. I’d LOVE a $136 electric bill now, but I NEVER want to go back to having no A/C, so I guess I’ll take the higher bill and the comfort of having central air conditioning!