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Reader Q&A


Hi BAD community!!! We’re all so thrilled to be here!

As Jeffrey mentioned, we’re starting regular blogging next week. But Hope had an awesome idea we think would make a fun series.

We want YOU to tell us any questions you might have for us.

We will all respond to the same question so you can get 4 different perspectives on the same issue. It’s a way for you to ask us about whatever you’d like to know more about and also an opportunity for you to get to know us a little better.

Some example questions might include…

  • Do you think your debt occurred predominantly from a trickle (i.e., small over-expenditures in lots of different areas) or a flood (i.e., a few large purchases)?
  • Once you are debt-free, what will be your first “big ticket” item to purchase?
  • How old are your children and how (if at all) will you involve them in your debt-payoff journey?
  • What is the biggest sacrifice you have made (or are making) to get out of debt?

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment with a question (or 2 or 3!) that you would like for us to answer. We’ll sort through them and start a Q&A series in the coming weeks!

See you all on Monday!!

BAD Bloggers

The New BAD Blogger Format


Now that we have four new bloggers, the question was how do we set up their posting so that everyone can follow along, but it doesn’t become a mess. We felt having all the bloggers write posts randomly throughout the week could be quite confusing, especially having to reorient to which blogger you were actually reading about with each post. We have therefore put some structure into it so that hopefully the confusion will be minimal, and it will be easier to follow those who you like.

We have assigned each blogger a specific day to post as follows:

Ashley: Monday
Jim: Tuesday
Hope: Wednesday
Stephannie: Thursday

These are their days, and they will put up a minimum of one post on this day. These posts will be about them specifically, whether it’s about their budget numbers, a specific success that they had or any other post that they want to share to all about themselves. While there is a minimum of one post on this day, they are free to post more if the need / want.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be open days. Each blogger will put up at least one post over these three days as well. These posts will be more general in nature. They may be a question that they have and want the readers to give opinions about, it might be a great deal that they found that they want to share with everyone, or it could be a general “how to” article they put together from their own experience.

With this in place, each blogger will be making a minimum of 2 posts a week and we should have a post each day to keep the overall blog more active.

This isn’t necessarily the final way that it will be done, but it will be the way that we begin. As with any new project, we expect that there will be issues that we hadn’t considered. At a minimum, we will be making tweaks along the way. It also might be that this won’t be a good way to set it up, and we’ll have to change the process completely. Consider this the Beta version with multi-bloggers.

With that in mind, we always welcome the readers’ suggestions on ways that we could make this blog better, so feel free to share as the process emerges. As always, feel free to leave comments and I will be sure to read them.