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Side Hustle: Back to the Drawing Board


I am so grateful for all the insights and encouragement provided by the BAD Community to my decision to attempt to sell dog food as an on-going side hustle. Based on those comments and my subsequent research, to my chagrin, I decided not to pursue selling homemade dog food.

While the other ideas for making extra money are good, they are not as sustainable in my mind as the dog food idea was. It’s back to the drawing board.

drawing board

(Substitute teaching is definitely still a viable option, but I have not heard anything back from my application.)

Help Me Brainstorm

My ideas have run dry.

Crafts are just not sustainable for me. First because of the time requirement. And second because of the supplies, I will have to restock to make it sustainable. Not to mention, I don’t believe the return on investment is substantial enough to make it worth it.

Soap is kind of the same thing. I cannot compete with the artisans who make scented, colorful soap. And while my friends would loyally purchase from me, it’s just not a sustainable endeavor as a side hustle for me.

Selling Online is going to run dry quickly. Most every “extra” we have now has already been sold or is listed for sale currently.  I know someone mentioned garage sales and thrift stores and then re-selling. Has anyone ever done this? Words of wisdom?

A few other ideas have come to mind:

  • Dog walking, pet sitting: Not sure I could balance this with all my different online client expectations.
  • Running errands for people: grocery shopping, etc. With a steady clientele I could schedule this around my current online clients.

As you can see, I’m dry. Help me. I need a steady side hustle.



The Purge Begins


When we moved out of our home into the 900 square foot apartment, we underwent a major purge. Then when we moved into the camper, we purged even more. Last year, our stuff fit into a small 6’x4′ cube for moving.  And honestly, other than buying furniture when we moved into our new rental house last April we haven’t really gotten back into stuff.


We each got a new bed, we each have a inherited chest of drawers and we each got a new desk (Princess’ was given to us.) I purchased a used table and chairs from an estate sale ($200) and my uncle gave us a antique dishes holder (not really sure what to call it.)  That’s it. We don’t have any living room furniture at all.


Princess and Gymnast continue to out grow clothes every season. (Although I think we are coming to the end of that with Princess.) With that being said, although they have all gotten new clothes over the 10 months we have been here, we have continued to donate items as new ones were brought in. (Remember when we did the 25 clothing items?)

The Purge

So what am I talking about when I say the purge begins…books. As you know, we have homeschooled for the past 9 years, since Princess was kindergarten age.  I have curriculum for every subject beginning with lower middle school through high school. Now that the twins are out of high school (Sea Cadet graduates this year,) and the younger two are in public school…the books are gathering dust.

I’m going to keep select high school items, but otherwise, it is time to say good-bye to that chapter of my life. Typing this, I think to myself, that I sound so flippant about it. But reality is, my stomach still clenches in dread at never homeschooling again. Reality is, Gymnast LOVES the social aspect so much, he would be miserable coming home again. And Princess is just one year from being able to enroll full time at the local community college. (When all was said and done, she had enough high school credits to go in as a sophomore in high school. We just have to wait for her to turn 15 to be able to dual enroll.)

Therefore, my goal over the next week is twofold:

  • Sort through my bookshelves and pull out all of those books that can go
  • Find a place to sell them (where I can make the most money and encounter the least hassle)

I don’t know how much money I will recover off this endeavor, but something about these mass purges calms my soul. We are definitely minimalist even today. Some of us (me) more than others, but in general, we have far less “stuff” then most anyone I know. And I love it.

I’ll keep you posted on how this purge translates into money!