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Hope’s Actual Spending – Week of Aug 17-23


I’m still trying to figure out how to do my anticipated/budgeted spending and income each week versus my reality. But for now, I’ll just split it into two posts.

I posted my anticipated income and spending for the week of August 17th here. And many suggested posted what actually happened.

I am pleased to announce, I was pretty spot on with a few exceptions:

  • Volleyball games ended up costing me $20 – Gymnast went with me to one game and there were 3 games that week instead of 2.
  • CS – I ended up making $175 instead of $150.
  • NH – paid me a deposit of $300 for the work I was completing, and will pay the remainder after work is complete.

I predicted all these costs and income numbers pretty spot on. But there were costs I did not predict:

  • Eating out – $22 (2 meals) This has been an issue with all the sports travel for volleyball and needing to pick Sea Cadet up from his school at 10:30pm at night. We were starving! Thankfully, him having his own car now will help cut down if not eliminate this challenge.
  • Light bulbs – $15 (the two light bulbs over our kitchen stove went out and I need that light when cooking)

I’ll still looking at how I can do this better. Communicate better. Your suggestions are appreciated.


Should the BAD Blog Change?


The owners of the BAD blog are considering some format changes and would like some feedback from the BAD audience.

Would you take a few minutes to take answer these questions to provide them with valuable feedback as they consider the next evolution with regards to the Blogging Away Debt blog?

If you can’t see the survey above, click here to take it on the Survey Monkey site. Thank you!