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SDI – Silverware Disappearance Investigation


Back in May, I hit the jackpot. I found two sets of matching silverware for $5.00/each (normal price $40/each). They were the nicest sets of silverware we have ever owned. Fast forward to present day, 5 months later. I took inventory of what is left of my lovely silverware:

Dinner Knives: 7
Dinner Forks: 6
Salad Forks: 6
Teaspoons: 4
Soup Spoons: 6

All of the above had an original count of 8. Where did they they all go?

I’ve come up with the following theories:

1.) Swiper from Dora the Explorer jumped out of my son’s TV screen and decided that my silverware was his target for the day. I’m just waiting to catch the episode and make a positive ID on my spoons. “Swiper, no swiping!”

2.) They fell deep into the cavernous pit that is the spot in the couch between the cushions and the back of the couch. I haven’t looked in there recently…that is a scary…scary place to go.

3.) My son is starting early with “borrowing” things getting ready for living on his own. Yes, he’s only 4 but sometimes I wonder. He seemed very excited and said, “Oooh, look how nice” when I first put the silverware in our shopping cart.

Anyone else have any other theories?

Uh…oh…. I Was Just Yelled At


Can anyone relate to the following?

Remember back when we you were young and either your mother or father would try to get you to save electricity by saying…

“Turn the light off when you’re done. Do you think we own the power company?”
“We don’t have stock in the power company, turn the lights off.”
“Every light in this house is on. Do you think we get paid by the power company to have our lights on?”

Or probably a dozen variations of the above?

My son is only 4 so I changed the above sayings around a little bit to make it more age appropriate.

“Make sure you turn the light off when you are done. That way, we save electricity and save money.”

My son would go and turn the light off because I told him to, but I’m sure the second sentence would always go over his head. I figure, if I keep reminding him about these things I could hopefully instill some frugal traits in him.

Well, low and behold, my son went into the bathroom and I had left the light on from the last time I went in there. I was washing dishes and I could hear him telling me…

“Momma…you left the light on in the bathroom. You need to turn it off to save money.”

I didn’t know whether to be embarassed because a 4 year-old is telling a 29 year-old how to save money, or whether to be proud of my young son for listening to what I say and learning.

I’ll just be a proud momma 🙂