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Health Insurance Clarification…


I really appreciate the advice my readers gave about health insurance. I’m going to research the COBRA assistance program (I didn’t even know it existed). I also didn’t think about getting health coverage through his school. After some research, I discovered his school does cover basic medical services, radiology, laboratory services, injections, prescriptions, physical therapy, and limited urgent care at a greatly reduced cost (we pay a fee with his tuition for this service but have never used it). A hearty THANK YOU for the ideas!!!

We should be able to qualify for the COBRA assistance based on the requirements of the layoff date and I’m hoping to be able to combine this coverage with the reduced cost services at his school.

If in the crazy event, the COBRA assisted coverage doesn’t work out. We’ll have to go without. As I said before, the money simply isn’t there – but we are fortunate to have at least something through his school. Yes, my husband could possibly suffer an illness not covered by the student hospital that could cost thousands of dollars but if we chose to pay for health insurance and skip our mortgage payments we would SURELY default on our loan and our home value is 135K less than we could sell it for.

Possible health problem OR definite mortgage default and foreclosure resulting in a 135K shortfall.

At this time…it’s an easy decision.

Thank you Gina for the reminder. The student hospital will really help us in the event something happens. And thank you to those who opened my eyes about the COBRA assistance. I had no idea!!