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Insight on the Cash for Clunkers…


I’ve missed three days of work and counting thanks to the flu. Rather than feeling better, I feel worse. My sister lovingly said, ‘I think that’s a sign of the swine flu.’

Thanks. Now I’ve got THAT to worry about.

In all my sitting at home time – most of which is spent in complete misery – I am able to squint open my eyes and read some of the daily news. I stumbled upon this headlining article at AOL…


I found two quotes particularly eye opening…

‘Three revealing line items in a separate CNW survey noted that the drain on the family coffers would be offset by reducing the pay-down of credit card debt, deferring home improvement and removing money from non-targeted savings.’


‘Other critics groused that Cars for Clunkers took $2.8 billion from the general roster of 300 million citizens and handed it tax-free to a small group of 700,000 citizens.’

What are your thoughts?

Credit Card Damage Rolls In…


Friday, my husband left on a cruise to Mexico with my brother’s bachelor party. As I said earlier, he charged the entire bill to our credit card since the cruise lines won’t let you split the tab.

I was angry since we had just paid off our card – and because we’ve been burned in the past when we allowed others to use our credit.

Just as I expected, there were problems… but not the kind of problems I had guessed. Not only did the guys pay before they left, they overpaid by $20 each (we’re giving it back).

Our credit card still took a hit from my husband (I’ll talk about the REAL expenses of a cruise in a later post) but we’ll be able to pay it off before it rolls over and starts to accrue interest. We won’t be able to pay extra on the auto loan but at least we’ll be heading into October without credit card debt.

Would I loan money again on my credit card? Even though it actually worked out this time, I’m still SOLIDLY on the no side.