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If Money Were No Object…


Single Ma had a great post about what she would do if money were no object. Others have chimed in, including a very funny post from Make Love Not Debt that still has me smiling. The latest (that I know of) is JLP of AllFinancialMatters. He brought up a great point that it would be great to give money away anonymously.

Here’s what I would do:

1.) Pay off my debt (no real surprise there).

2.) Buy my dream home on the Lake for less than $300K (unfortunately, the sale is pending so I am a little late).

3.) Give to my family to help them financially and give them money to visit me at least once a year at my dream home on the lake.

4.) Buy between 40-160 acres so I can have the opportunity to make a log home from scratch. It will serve as my guest house when my family comes and visits me once a year.

5.) Probably the most frivalous thing – I’d buy a monster truck. I’d drive in all of the local parades and throw out tons of candy to all of the kids. After the parades, I would let the kids go for free rides and check out my truck.

6.) I would donate money and give to the local humane society and a few other local organizations.

7.) Last but not least, I would buy a guitar. I’ve had a few through the years, but I’ve had to turn around and sell them when money was tight. It would be awesome to play in a band again.

And that’s what I would do if money were no object 🙂

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Our Family Found A New Easter Tradition


Earlier I mentioned that we were going to picnic instead of having dinner at home for Easter. And, I must say, we have found a new Easter tradition.

It was a little chilly (probably around 45 degrees or so), but it was sunny and beautiful. This time of year, the snow is almost all gone and the waterfalls are at their maximum flow from all of the snow melting in surrounding forests. It was a day filled with beauty and spending quality time together as a family, since both my husband and I had the day off work.

While we were driving home, my son said, “Me have real fun day. Thank you Mom, Dad.”

Son, your’re welcome. We had fun too 🙂

We now have a new Easter tradition.