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Welcome New Visitors!


If you are visiting the first time after reading the article about me written by Scott Burns, I’d just like to say thanks for stopping by.  Scott was a great interviewer, and after reading his words – wow.  He said some really nice things about what I am doing.  Thank you Scott.

I do have a little About Me page that gives a few links to pages where I discuss our income as well as our expenses.  I’ve found that keeping track of where our money goes has been instrumental in reducing our debt. Basically, what I have been doing here is just writing about things I am doing to reduce our credit card debt.  I post it online and I welcome all comments or questions.  Although there are many basic methods for debt reduction, there is a lot more to it.  I try to write about what is working for us.  As Scott mentioned, I even gave people to people lending a try through Prosper.com.  I managed to take a bit of our debt and reduce the interest rate from over 16% to 9.9%. 

I also have on the bottom right hand side of my blog a list of other blogs that I follow.  There is a great world of personal finance blogs out there and each of them offer something of interest and I can’t thank them enough for the support they have given me.  To keep up with other happenings with personal finance blogs, my main tool is pfblogs.org.  This site displays the feed of over 300 blogs and confinually updates with new posts.

I welcome you to subscribe to my feed if you’d like to keep track of how things are going.  And again I would like to thank you for stopping by 🙂

OT – The Mighty Metallica Now Available on iTunes


The day has come…Metallica finally decided that their fans could buy their songs individually. Their albums have been available online, but they didn’t want to sell their songs individually. I’m not sure what prompted the change, but for me this was excellent news.

I have enjoyed listening to Metallica ever since high school and I had all of their albums. Through the years I’ve sold them for one reason or another and I didn’t want to go out and buy them again. Especially not with our financial situation right now. I just listened to the radio and hoped to catch one of their songs here and there.

But yesterday I saw the news, hopped onto iTunes and downloaded my 4 favorite Metallica songs, including the ever-so-awesome bass solo by Cliff Burton. I haven’t heard that in a long time and it was music to my ears.

Thank you Metallica for finally joining iTunes.