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Gift-Giving (Second Try)


Editor’s Note: Sorry guys! I had intended for this to be published on Friday! I goofed and accidentally set it to publish on Thursday. I pulled it immediately when I discovered my error so I apologize to Stephannie (for hijacking her day!) and to you for the confusion! I still value any discussion surrounding this […]

Cutting Costs and Saving Money


I’ve been diligently working at trying to cut some costs around here, with some mixed-results to share. First, let me share another of my money saving tricks (see more here and here). This one really isn’t a “trick,” but still fun to share. Remember how I mentioned that one of my friends was gifting me […]

Dealing with Insurance Companies


Don’t you just HATE dealing with insurance companies? It feels like you always get the runaround and then nothing is resolved in the end! Ugh!! Well I (unexpectedly) actually had a positive experience this past week! I had two separate issues I needed to speak with a representative about. Mayo Clinic bill Prescription Reimbursement Regarding […]