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Do You Have Any Questions for Me?


As a blogger, I tried to remember to give enough details so that our journey made sense. A few times on here I have given updates to things we were trying or were going to try. I’m sure there are things that I have forgotten to give updates about. In any case, if there is […]

Junior Achievement Answers Your Questions


Earlier this month, Junior Achievement offered to do a question and answer with all of you. You gave them some great questions about kids and money. Here are their answers: Mike D. asked: “Are teens today more aware of the economy, and more aware of how important saving vs. spending is, compared to 10, 20, […]

It’s Official! We Are Credit Card Debt Free!


I initiated the big debt payoff click yesterday for an online payment to our credit card. I anxiously logged in this morning and saw the glorious $0.00 balance due. It didn’t hit me yesterday, but it has definitely hit me today after seeing that balance. I’ve been known to sometimes forget to hit the last […]

Becoming Better Financial Role Models


I look back at the last three years and I realize how much my me and my husband changed. We are less materialistic and happier with the simple things in life. For a journey that was about reducing debt, it turns out that some of the sweetest benefits are not directly related to the numbers. […]

Our Financial Health = C+


CNN.com has an interesting calculator that takes financial factors such as mortgage payment, debt payments, life insurance value, etc. and assigns you a letter grade. I answered their questions and we got a C+. For giggles, I had to see how we would have graded three years ago. We got a C. I have a […]

March Net Worth Update = ($21,038)


I plugged the numbers into NetWorth IQ today and our net worth is now at a negative $21,038. It’s hard to believe that three years ago our net worth was at a negative $55,131. It gives me a little perk-me-up because right now it feels like time is standing still. We are waiting for another […]