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Life After Credit Card Debt – July Update


Hi everyone! Tricia here again with a monthly check-in. Before I talk about our finances for July, I’d like take the spotlight for a moment to discuss something very personal. I have been suffering from anxiety for quite a few years now, although I didn’t recognize it until recently. Many people suffer from anxiety. I […]

Life After Credit Card Debt – June was a Frustrating Month


Hi everyone! Tricia here. Two months after paying off our credit card debt, I feel like we are hemorrhaging money and it is frustrating. One of the big things we did after paying off our debt was to get all of us into a good doctor. We got some of the bills last month, but […]

Life After Credit Card Debt – Starting on Our Next Journey


Today will be the last day that I regularly write on here. I will be visiting time to time and you’ll probably see my name in the comments. I will be posting at least once a month, on the last Friday of the month. If something big happens and I’d like to post before the […]

Answers to Your Questions…Part 2


Yesterday I answered a few of your questions the other day, and here are the rest… Jaime asks: I remember at one point you were going to give more details about your side business. I’ve always wondered what you are doing and how it is going. I love it when you say things seem to […]

Answers to Your Questions…Part 1


Thank you to everyone who asked a question in my post over the weekend. There were some great questions in there. I’m answering a few today and the answers to the rest will follow tomorrow. Pat asks: Hi, Tricia. I wondered what you felt were the 3 most important things you did to have more […]

Life Went Back to Normal…


Our pizza party to celebrate our debt payoff went well on Saturday. I can’t say the same for the morning after. That pizza tasted so good (take out), but it hurt so bad LOL. The heartburn was enough for me to declare that we are definitely going back to making our own pizza. I thought […]