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Life After Credit Card Debt – May Update


Hi Everyone! Tricia here with an update. First things first, we are still credit card debt free. May was an awesome month and I had a renewed zest for stockpiling money away in our savings account. That’s not to say we didn’t purchase a bigger ticket item, because we did. No, it’s not that LCD […]

Life After Credit Card Debt – A Calm March


Hi everyone! Tricia here with a monthly update. This month has been a lot better than last month even though there was a pinch from my medical bills. The total damage after insurance came to $560. I can’t really complain when the total bill for my mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy came to almost $2,000. Back […]

Life After Credit Card Debt – A Stressful 2010 So Far


Hi Everyone. Tricia here with a long overdue update. I missed December’s update completely. The last Friday of the month (that’s when I update) landed on Christmas day and in the excitement I forgot about it. When it was time to write January’s update, I didn’t feel like writing a single word. Financially, things have […]

Life After Credit Card Debt – Figuring Out Priorities


Hi everyone. It’s Tricia here with a monthly update. I have to apologize for last month’s update since I completely forgot about it. With the excitement of Halloween, it slipped my mind. I’m a little less scatter-brained this month even with it being the Thanksgiving holiday. My mind is actually pretty clear at the moment […]

Life After Credit Card Debt – September Update


Tricia here with a quick monthly update. Like Beks, I have been sick for the past couple of days. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to be the flu. It seems like the cold I get when the seasons change. This month was supposed to be a better month. It was a better month for our discretionary […]

Life After Credit Card Debt – Spicing Things Up a Little


Hi everyone. Tricia here with another update. I cannot believe that summer is almost over and school will be starting soon. Oh my…how time did fly. Things in our financial arena could be better right now. I was a little more relaxed with tracking our finances (ok, I was lazy and didn’t keep a watchful […]