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I am working on my debt update. I promise. It’s been months since I really sat down and looked at my finances. It’s terrifying and disheartening. But it’s also one of those situations where I have to think, there’s not much lower I can go. Don’t get me wrong, I know there is, things could be much, much worse. This is a 1st world problem. I am grateful for my privilege. very.

Let’s start with the positive

I needed to take a break from the hard. Let’s start with some positivity on the financial front.

  • My car is completely paid for and in good working order.
  • My home is in good working order. We have not had any issues with the HVAC or rain or electricity, etc. I am SO GRATEFUL for that, especially the air conditioning!
  • As of the date of this post, all bills are paid and in good standing.
  • While I have been late on A LOT of bills lately, really almost everything. I have not been more than 30 days late on anything. (I mean, one day shy, yes, but I haven’t hit that 30 day mark.)
  • I have discovered donating plasma which has paid for food for the house and the dogs for last couple of months. I absolutely hate it though.
  • To date, I have not had to sell my jewelry. But that will most likely happen in the next month if something doesn’t give. I have checked with Princess and Gymnast as these are items their dad gave me when we were married. Neither of them care at all about it. I’m the sentimental one.
  • I have lots of solid antique furniture. And I have checked with all the kids to see if there is anything they are dying to inherit someday. While I hope to not have to sell, I know I could get several hundred dollars for some of the pieces. They have mentioned a few items that are meaningful to them. I am very glad I asked.
  • Houses are still selling very well here. And I have quite a bit of equity in my home. This again, is a situation where I do not want to sell my home. But if it comes down to it, I could most likely sell it quickly and have $$ in my pocket.
my house, my car

This was my house during COVID times. There have been lots of changes since then. But I am so grateful for my house and my car. Those who have been here for a while will understand just how deeply I feel that gratitude.


That’s all I can think of right now. But I’m going to keep holding on to the glass half full outlook. No matter what. (Now I’m going back to work on my debt update.)


  • Reply Anonymous |

    if your car is totally paid off then you should sell it and buy something basic – to get you from point a to point b. You aren’t in the position right now to have an almost brand new SUV

  • Reply Laura |

    If you are thinking of selling the house have you considered relocating for work? What is keeping you in this town now except for Beauty? Rent somewhere would probably be almost as much as your mortgage so I advise keeping that as a last resort. But if it comes to it, sell before you get foreclosed on.

  • Reply eli |

    I would be careful assuming there is equity in your house and that it would sell well/quick if you needed. The real estate market can shift very quick and you also can never be sure about how buyers think. There’s also part of the money made from a sell that you have to give to the real estate agents and etc.

So, what do you think ?