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Looking to Make Extra Money?


5 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

You just moved into your new apartment with the help of Black Tie Moving. Now, it’s time to start looking for a part-time job to help pay off some of the expenses you’ve had lately with your move to a new city.

If you’re looking to make extra money, here are 5 part-time jobs that pay well.


If you’re wanting a part-time job that’s flexible and pays well, working in the restaurant industry is a job you should consider. While the hourly wage for servers is about $14, this doesn’t factor in tips – which is key to making money in the service industry.

Servers make most of their income in tips. Consider which atmosphere you want to work in before diving into the restaurant world. Sports bars, wine bistros, and upscale restaurants are always busy – which means more tips for you!

Legal Assistant / Legal Secretary

One of the highest paying jobs that don’t require a degree is a legal assistant/legal secretary. If you are a master typist and have administrative experience, starting a part-time job as a legal assistant might be a great fit for you.

The hourly wage for a legal assistant can get close to $30 an hour depending on your experience and location. Working as a part-time legal assistant also means that you have the potential to work from home, as most of your daily tasks will be online.

Social Media Manager

How often do you spend scrolling TikTok and Instagram? If you can’t get enough of social media, you should think about becoming a part-time social media manager. While it takes a bit of time, and some employers require a degree, you’re sure to enjoy creating content and campaigns for some of your favorite platforms.

There are some social media managers who are paid nearly $50 an hour. As social media continues to grow as one of the biggest platforms for marketing, you can only expect wages to go up and job security.

House Sitter

If you’re a homebody, you should consider working as a part-time house sitter. This job requires minimal effort on your part, and it can be fun to escape to someone’s house for a bit. House sitting also allows you a lot of freedom to work two jobs at once.

Should you have a remote full-time job, you can easily get paid to house sit at the same time. This is a win-win when it comes to part-time jobs that pay well. The hourly rate varies and is client dependent. Some homeowners will pay up to $50 a day depending on their financial status. It’s a good idea to look at higher-end neighborhoods if you choose to start part-time house sitting.

Writer / Copywriter

If you have a passion for words and creating content, a writer only seems natural as your part-time job. Part-time writers have it easy when it comes to freedom and flexibility. As a writer, you’d be able to work from anywhere, anytime. It’s a great part-time job if you love to travel – as you can work from wherever you visit.

Writers, like copywriters, get paid handsomely depending on experience. You could expect to get paid nearly $50 an hour as a part-time writer. This is easy money if you want to work just a couple hours each morning.

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