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3 Surprising Ways Working From Home Can Save You Money


When it comes to working remotely, the benefits seem endless. For many employees, the opportunity to work remotely as a result of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have lead to finding a better work/life balance, an improved relationship with family and friends, more motivation and higher rates of success in the workplace, and improved mental health. Amidst all of these good aspects of remote work, there is one major benefit that many employees overlook – saving money. 

It is estimated that working remotely in the comfort of a Key Interiors home office can save the average employee thousands of dollars each year. Some of the areas remote employees can save money include:


Transportation Costs

One of the most obvious areas in which employees around the country can save money when working remotely is one the cost of transportation. When you aren’t required to spend money on the cost of gas or public transportation in order to get to the office each day, you can save hundreds of dollars each year. If you are part of a multi-vehicle household in which you and your partner or roommate both work from home permanently, you could even think about selling one of your vehicles in order to save even more money. 


Cost of Food 

Even those who follow a fairly strict, meal prepped diet fall victim to spending money on food during a busy workday. From picking up coffee and snacks on the way to the office to going out to lunch with coworkers a few times a week, it is likely that those working in a traditional office will spend a fair amount of money on food during the average work week. Working from home allows you to make use of the groceries you have at home, while giving you full access to your kitchen so you don’t need to grab food from elsewhere in the midst of the workday.



If you have children, it is likely that you have to pay for a babysitter or other childcare provider while you are spending time in the office during a workday. When working from home, you have the option to keep your children at home with you, therefore saving you money on the often expensive cost of childcare services. Plus, this allows you to spend more time with your family which you would not have the opportunity to do if you were working in a traditional office. A win-win! 

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