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What is the Best Way to Reduce the Amount of Electric Bill?


Every house will lose some heat through the doors, walls, roof and windows. This is unavoidable, but you can do things to ensure that your home loses as little valuable heat as possible to help reduce your heating bills.

Heat rises, so one of the best ways to retain heat in your home during the colder months is to ensure your loft is well insulated. Even if you have some insulation in your loft, if it was installed a few years ago, it may be below today’s recommended depth, so you could save more energy by adding more insulation over the top of what is already there.


Turning down your central heating thermostat by just two degrees can save you a lot of money on your fuel bills, and you will hardly notice the difference. If you feel chilly, why not do as our grandparents did and pull on a woolly jumper or cardigan to keep warm.


Home money-saving tips


There are money-saving tips and tricks you can use in the kitchen to reduce your electricity use, such as only boiling enough water in the kettle for your needs when making a cup of tea or coffee.


You can save a lot of electricity by batch cooking meals for the week. Do this by filling up the oven with multiple meals that can be cooked all at once and then chilled or frozen for later use.


It is easy to forget to turn off lights around the house, so make it a habit to switch off lights when you leave a room. There is no sense in lighting an empty room.


Lots of electronic gadgets are not called vampire gadgets for no reason! Once charged up, unplug gadgets to prevent them from draining energy – this also goes for anything left on standby. Switch TVs, laptops and tablets off at the plug at night. These gadgets can easily be recharged while you are using them the next day.


Install double glazing


Installing double glazing is one of the most effective ways to energy-proof your house. Double glazing reduces the amount of heat lost through windows because of the thermal insulation provided by the vacuum air gap between the glass panes. 


You will find that you don’t need to run your heating at such a high temperature or leave it on as long because the windows keep the heat inside your home. 


If you are thinking about having new double glazing installed, check the energy-efficient rating they carry. All windows are given a rating to determine how effectively they save energy. They will hold a WER (Window Energy Rating) from A+ for the most energy-efficient models to G rated, the lowest in efficiency.


Older double glazing will generally be G-rated, and having new A-rated windows will go a long way to reduce your energy bills, especially now with high energy prices! Even double glazing installed around five years ago may not be as thermally efficient as the standard installed today.


Fix double glazing issues to reduce bills


It can help to fix any double glazing issues you have with your existing double glazing that is causing heat to be lost through the window. After a few years, the seals around the windows can perish, causing gaps where heat can escape, and draughts can get in.


Replacing your window seals is a relatively small job, but it can significantly affect your energy savings and the cost of your electric bill. By simply replacing old window seals with new ones can save you money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse emissions. 


Tackling condensation issues


If you notice condensation on your windows, you can quickly resolve this by opening your windows for an hour a day to exchange the air in your home and allow damp air to escape. 


If any of your double-glazed windows are misted on the inside of the unit, the window pane seal has failed. If your windows are still under warranty, you should contact your installer, and they will replace the failed window pane for you free of charge. 


Even if your windows are out of warranty, replacing the glass windowpane can be the most cost-effective choice when you have misted windows. This is a job that we wouldn’t recommend you do by yourself. It is better left in the hands of professionals such as double glazing window installers. 


The good thing about having any failed glass panes replaced by a professional is that they will come with a new warranty. If you are unsure about the age or efficiency of your double glazing, you can have it checked to see if it would be more cost-effective to replace windows rather than repair older windows with a poor energy-saving rating.


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