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Why Should You Take Teen Depression Seriously?


Teen Depression

If you are a parent and you notice your adolescent being unhappy or sad at times then you must take a closer look at their behavior.

Teen depression is real and may affect the daily activities of your teenage children. Their mood swings fluctuate every now and then. There may be many causes behind it but it is up to the parents to talk them out of this situation.

Depression may hit hard at any point of time in life. Most adults find it hard to cope with a crisis situation but their situations differ from the circumstances of teenage children. They have their own problems to deal with. Let us take a look at the early signs of teen depression.

Early Signs of Teen Depression

Teens may experience the following symptoms if they have depression:

  • Withdrawal from enjoyable activities
  • Social isolation
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Eating disorders
  • Irritability
  • Panic attacks

These signs can be noticed by the parents and can be treated on time. The parents must not blame themselves to omit these signs as there is no one cause behind teen depression. There are multiple factors responsible for depression in teens. Let’s have a look at them. 

Factors of Teen Depression

  • Brain chemistry – as the brain of teens is still developing, the influx of neurochemicals may take a toll on their mental health ultimately leading to depression. 
  • Bullying – teenagers are quite sensitive in terms of their emotions. If they face bullies face to face or on the internet, they dissociate themselves from society as a solution to their problem. 
  • Early childhood trauma – childhood trauma may include child abuse, dysfunctional family, or estranged relations with close family members. Constant fights between the parents in front of their children may also affect their mental health. 
  • Genetic factors – teen depression may run in families who have had a history of depression for many generations. 

How To Treat Depression in Your Teenage Children?

As a parent, if you think that your teenager is not able to concentrate on daily activities then try talking to them regarding their issues. Listen to their problems. If there is anything to do with school then contact school authorities to resolve their issues. You may not find some of their issues big enough to ponder upon but for them, those issues are affecting their general wellbeing. 

If your child is bright in studies and gets easily upset over fewer grades then you need to make them understand that nobody is perfect. Consistent worse grades may also be an early sign of depression. 


If you see your child constantly upset or unhappy then try contacting your GP. Your GP may refer your child to children’s and young people’s mental health services and provide excellent therapy services to young children. 

In consultation with therapists, you can give them some mind relaxing medicines to ease their nerves. You can get Canada Rx coupons on antidepressants from an established online pharmacy like PricePro pharmacy which specializes in selling authentic drugs and medicines at discounted prices. 

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