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How to Succeed as a Home Insurance Agent


Are you looking for a lucrative career that you can pursue from home, perhaps on the side as you continue to provide childcare? Becoming a home insurance agent is a great way to make good money right from your own home to help you pay off bills and debts or just make a little bit of extra income for your family. Here are some tips to help you succeed as a home insurance agent.

Utilize an Online Property Database

Succeeding as a home insurance agent depends largely on finding qualified leads and creating a good list of contacts. A great online property database from companies like Haines is an essential tool to help you find the best possible leads and make more sales more likely. 

You can find homeowners and renters and learn key information about those leads to help guarantee you’ll make the sale. Understanding a lead’s interests, the value of their property, and even what kind of car they drive can all make it more likely that you’ll close the deal. 

Be Honest

If your prospect believes that you’re trying to make a sale regardless of their best interests, it is much less likely that you’ll succeed as a home insurance agent. While it can seem unintuitive, sometimes it’s in your best interest to tell a prospect that they may not be getting their best deal by buying with you.

You may not make that sale by doing so, but you will surely impress the prospect, establish trust, and make it much more likely that they will choose you in the future or refer someone to you.

Be Persistent

Just because you don’t convert a lead into a client with your first connection doesn’t mean you should give up. Continuing to contact a prospective client makes it much more likely that they’ll eventually choose your services. 

Follow up a phone call with an email containing useful information to your client as a homeowner. Follow up several helpful emails with another phone call to check in with the client and see where they are in their decision process or if they need any additional information. Persistence with one good lead is much more likely to pay off with success than trying once and then giving up with a long list of unqualified leads.

Make the Most of This Career Opportunity

You can make great money as a home insurance agent, and you may be able to do it without even having to leave your house. This is a career well worth considering if you’d like to make some money on the side for any reason or even if you want to switch to a full-time career working from home. 

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