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What have you accomplished?


As people slowly begin to emerge, over time, from their quarantine lives. As the vaccine becomes more readily available…we are starting to hear about what people have accomplished over the last year.

  1. People have started businesses.
  2. They have lost weight and gotten in shape OR quite the opposite.
  3. New family traditions have been born.
  4. Careers have been lost and careers have been gained.
  5. Education (at least online) has been on the uptick as people learned new skills.
  6. Honey do lists have actually gotten done. (Seriously, so many of my married friends have commented on this.)

While our lifestyle did not change overly much compared to the rest of the world, our lives certainly have. I thought I worked a lot over the last 14 years of owning my business, but this year that number of weekly work hours has easily doubled.

I realize that the times have been really hard for many. Separation from family, job loss, finding a way to work remotely with kids home from school in homes not set up for everyone to be there, fear and anxiety over illness and even loss of loved ones have wrecked normalcy.

The Silver Lining

But at the same time, I continue to hear the good that has come out of the forced time at home. I know, personally, our finances have done a complete 180 this year. This is not only the result of my new job, but also of more and more companies seeking and being open to remote employees.

I would love to hear the silver lining, the positives that have come into your life because of the change.

I know I would not have the job I have without COVID. The firm I work for would have NEVER considered a remote employee before. So I am SO GRATEFUL for the turn of events that brought me here. Not only for the financial change this has made, but even more so for the confidence in myself and my value.

Is there something you are grateful for over this last year? Something that might not have happened otherwise?



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  • Reply Marina |

    >> Is there something you are grateful for over this last year?

    That’s a good question, Hope. We think only (mostly) of the bad in the last year (more precisely, the entire 2020). But I definitely became closer with my family) Since we spent every weekend together!

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