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DIY Pest Control


Since we’ve lived in this rental home, I have gotten yearly pest control and we haven’t had any issues. But last fall, we saw an uptick in pests so I started to get quarterly service. I thought it was working.

The cost difference was $115 for yearly service to $85 for quarterly service. It was definitely an increase but I could swing it and was happy to spend it, if it kept the bugs out! IF!

Then comes December, we get our service and then…bugs and bugs and bugs. I quickly called and let them know the problem.

Their response “well, it sounds like you need to switch to monthly service…$50 per month.”

And that’s where I drew the line…

I did some research and talked to some people on my Facebook page and decided that I was going to take on my pest control myself.

I chose to try out a highly recommended, pesticide free, safe around pets, children and even food product.

At $35 per gallon, I am still on my first gallon, 3 months later…and my pest infestation is just about handled. The only thing I added were some sticky strips that capture bugs. I put those behind appliances and electrical outlets. (They are evidently drawn to the heat this time of year.)

Our old pest control company called me this week to schedule our quarterly service. I was thrilled to tell them that their services were no longer required. Even if I buy a gallon every quarter, I am saving money.

And I feel much better by using this non-chemical option around our dogs and my kids! What do you do about pest control? Have you had a similar experience?


  • Reply Deb |

    I pay for monthly pest control services. The pest control service we use takes care of the outside of the house. We have a 2017 newly built home and our pest control has built in “piping” that came with the house. The pest control folks blow the solution into the pipes from the outside of the house and it goes immeidately to the inside of the walls. They also spray outside the house and take care of anything immediately. I have not seen any pests in the house in the three years we have lived here. I can’t deal with any type of bug in the house. We also pay for quarterly termite control. We pay 97 dollars every three months for termite control and 33 dollars a month for the pest control services. It’s worth every dollar for my own peace of mind.

    • Reply Hope |

      The “piping” concept is a neat idea.

      We are finally getting a handle on our pests with trial and error and consistency. Yeah!

      And using this more natural method gives me more peace of mind as far as my kids (and my health) and the dogs. It was a pain to clear the dogs out for several hours when they wanted to use certain chemicals. Now I don’t have to worry about that. Takes me about 20 minutes to spray thoroughly inside and out, house smells like oranges and we are back in business.

So, what do you think ?