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What is the Right Process for Claiming Workers Compensation After a Psychological Injury?


A large chunk of the nation’s population is unaware that you can claim worker’s compensation after a psychological injury. The simple reason is that psychological injuries are abundant at Australian workplaces. Hence, they are considered ‘normal’. However, if you click here and read the information below, you shall understand that suffering from a mental injury given by your workplace is a serious issue.

You can claim compensation for it. However, before claiming, you must prove those incidents with concrete evidence, such as medical reports indicating your mental condition post-incidence. Here is a brief on the process that needs to be followed when you suffer from a psychological injury:

Common Causes of Psychological Injury

Psychological injury is a severe mental health condition arising due to the workplace environment. It can constitute various causes such as witnessing a horrific incident or death of a co-worker, workplace abuse, etc. There are also different forms of workplace abuse that you may have experienced. These forms include being overworked, denying to permit a vacation or a few days off, any forms of bullying, sexual harassment, experiencing difficult personalities, pathetic working conditions, the constant threat of job security, etc.

If you have experienced such experiences, click here and scroll down to get more information about what has to be done. You must not deny or ignore these mentally exhausting experiences as they shall prove detrimental in the longer run.

Claiming for Psychological Injury

The most important step to follow while claiming psychological injury or workplace mental abuse is to provide substantial evidence or proof. It would help if you also tried to ascertain that these experiences have led to the tremendous stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irrational or unjustified fear, PTSD, or any psychiatric conditions.

To do so, you can also provide evidence of normal and professional working behavior at your end before these incidences. If you conjure up the evidence to prove this, filing the claim shall be significantly easy for you. But, you still need a well-qualified attorney to fight your case and get you the justice you deserve.

You can follow certain steps to prove your claim. These include giving notice to your employer about experiencing a work-related injury, completing any required paperwork involved in the claim, preparing yourself to give adequate and authentic details of all the injuries, incidences, and symptoms experienced. Answer any claim-related questions with utmost honesty to build a strong case.

For coping with this abuse, you may seek help from a mental health professional and not a work counselor. You can use the medical records to prove your claim to the employer.

Steps to be Taken by Employer

When you launch this claim via a lawyer, your employer must provide you necessary forms to fill in the claim details. The employer must also contact the firm’s insurance company and inform them that a mental health injury claim has been filed. The insurance carrier must also have information about you (the employee) and your case. The employer must also inform you that the review of the claim has been put into motion.

A psychological injury is a serious matter that has the potential to devastate or deteriorate your mental health. Instead of neglecting these incidents, you must seek professional help and seek compensation for these injuries from your employer.

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