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Working in the New Year


While it seems the rest of the world has taken the week off, my family is hard at work. In fact, other than Gymnast, all of us (me and the 4 oldest kids) are working almost every day this week including New Years Eve and New Years Day. As I sat back and reflected on this, I swelled with pride.

Each of the kids is driven in their own way. And I am certainly recognizing that each of them has their own motivation. Some are motivated by money, some by a particular financial goal, and some because they genuinely like being needed, valued and helping people. This same motivation plays out in how they handle their money as well. I’m just starting to recognize that in my kids and as a result taking a look at that in myself.

Job Changes in the New Year

On that same thought pattern, there are lots of “job related” changes coming in the new year. I am starting my new corporate job. Sea Cadet is starting a new part time gig and returning to school part time. Princess is putting in her notice at her first job and starting a new one (at least that’s the plan today.) And Gymnast is weighing his options regarding working versus sports at school. I am encouraging him to continue with sports. He needs that outlet and I need him to have that outlet, not to mention I think it will help him to connect with more of his peers. The combination of moving here and COVID has made him pretty isolated.

I am also forcing Princess to cut back on her work hours in the new year, for her final semester of high school. She worked almost full time last semester. This worked because she really only had one class she had to attend on a daily basis. This next semester she is taking 4 classes, 3 of which will meet every day. I told her I don’t want her to look back on her senior year and just remember working. Because I am limiting her work hours for this semester and she has done a phenomenal job at savings, I will be covering her “bills” (phone bill and 1/2 her car insurance) for this semester.

Unemployed for 3 Days

It has recently dawned on me that I will be “unemployed” for 3 days. (Not really as I do have continuing clients and work.) Hear me out…I am currently committed to my new job as a contractor through 12/31. And I don’t get on-boarded with them as an employee until Monday, January 4th. So I have 3 days I can technically go dark without really losing income.

I don’t know if I will take advantage of this, but it does give me pause. The thought of staying in bed and staying off electronics for an entire day is pretty enticing right about now. Happy New Year to me! Any exciting New Year’s plans for you? I imagine there will be lots of new traditions tried this year.

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