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7 Reasons Why You Might Want to Apply for a Business Loan


There’s no crystal ball that tell us when to apply for a business loan. All we know is our cash is depleting faster than we expected. This forces us to look for other alternatives when financing our company.

1. Personal expenses

You might be struggling to pay personal bills for you and your family. You’re withdrawing more from your savings account than you’d like. It’s creating less personal cash for emergencies that can happen in moment’s notice. Consider a business loan so you can stop draining your life savings.

The U.S. Small Business Administration has an open database for business owners to try their luck at getting a loan. It’s worth a try since you can’t continue milking your savings for business expenses that can easily be taken care of by a loan. Make a chart to see where all your money is going.

This is a big eye opener when you realize you’re spending more personal money to keep the company operating. Budget out the business loan so you never have to go back to using personal money again.

Most businesses start with our personal incomes, but that can get tiresome real quick. Soon you can’t make rent, but you’ve kept the customer’s coming in through the door.

2. No restrictions

One great thing about a business loan is that there’s no restrictions. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should head on a wild spending spree either. Try to be disciplined with your business loan and immediately set up a budget. Don’t make the mistake of burning through this kind of financing and it puts you in a deeper financial whole.

The business loan is to help not add to the problem. Don’t let the lack of restrictions take you down a path you hadn’t intended. Research does show that 20 percent of owners have successfully landed a loan. This tells you there is still hope of getting the loan to pay for resources that’ll help your business grow.

With more funding you could open a new branch. Be your own guide on how you plan on spending your business loan. Bring in management to help decide on the best places in your business the loan would be most effective.

3. No begging

It’s tough to get investors to see the magnificent business you’ve created out of your basement that’s now pulling in a decent revenue. Getting a business loans takes all the energy out of finding and begging for money from unknown investors who can take months to make a decision.

Waiting for their final approval can almost make you go broke as you need the money now. Business loans give you confidence that you can stop the financial bleeding of other cash you need. It keeps you in charge of the business and is one of the best alternatives to consider.

4. More working capital

Every business can use additional working capital when you think about it. A business loan helps you stay afloat for the next six months to a year. Working capital allows owners to make hard decisions such as hiring more staff or purchasing needed equipment.

This extra capital can go a long ways if you manage it correctly. You can also learn what you need to do before seeking out this extra capital.

5. Keeping up with Technology

Technology has taken the business world by storm and it’s best your company hop on for the ride. Get a financial boost from a business loan. Your application approval could come at the right time were you can now supply all employees with the working materials and resources they need to do efficient work.

You’ll be able to buy the expensive software that’s been keeping your competition above your company. The loan will give you the edge you need. Most business owners head to conferences to look at some of the latest technology gadgets on the market. Unfortunately, these do not come with a cheap price tag.

Further, it’s might be one of the hottest pieces of equipment or tech device to have in your field. Let a business loan move you up to the front of the line and get you the technology that’s flooding the market and will allow your business to up it’s game.

All things are possible when getting a business loan, especially when you know the funds will buy the right devices where you can see changes over night.

6. Emergencies

Looking back, you can possibly count on two hands how many unexpected emergencies your business dealt with in the past year. Bad weather can tear off roofs in a matter of minutes.

Tragedies can happen in the blink of an eye and we need to be prepared. Business loans give us a running chance to stop the hemorrhaging of needed cash during any emergency. According to the Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index™, small business applications are on a growing approval rate to 27.6 percent. This is good news when you’ve been staying awake at night horrified that a hurricane might hit your business and destroy it to the ground. You could be forced to borrowing a personal loan.

Extra funds tucked away for emergencies allow you to act fast and show customers you are responsible. Consider your next or first business loan to be a good part of your emergency savings.

7. Pay taxes

Taxes are apart of every business and owners know they must pay them. This doesn’t mean they will pay on time nor does it mean they will pay at all. A business loan gives you the money to write the check to the accountant and never look back.

Most businesses intend to pay their taxes on time, but things happen. Money put aside for next year’s taxes suddenly went to close up the hole from a stranger driving through your lobby. The IRS likes to see a business pay their taxes when due. Take the time to create an impressive business plan that guarantees you approval for a business loan.

It reflects poorly on your company if you are trying to get other types of funding. It send a message to potential investors that you are not being responsible with your cash flow. A business loan can keep you out of the cross-hairs of the IRS when they have to collect back taxes.

Make it a point to use some of your business loan to cover any late or existing taxes that need payment now.

Is a Business Loan Right for You?

These are seven reasons why you should apply for a business loan. Use this information and apply it to your current business situation. You are now armed with detailed reasons of what makes a business loan a necessity.

Use it to prevent yourself from drying up your personal cash from a savings account. Take advantages of not worrying about any restrictions on the loan and use the money at your discretion. Forget chasing after investors for additional cash and let a business loan satisfy your cash needs.

Though there are a lot of reasons to consider, find the one or two that speak directly to your situation. Take these reasons to heart and consider your next financing to be a business loan you can count on. Apply for a loan today so you can change your business forever. You have to make the first step.

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