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Need an App Recommendation


Hello BAD Community,

As work gets more busy, and pulls me outside of my home office more and more, I need your wisdom! I am looking for an app to track business expense on my phone. I don’t want it tied to my bank accounts. I just want something that breaks down business expenses by category and can track and total them throughout the year.

Does that make sense? I just want to be able to enter the number of miles I drove for a work engagement. Or the cost of a meal out, lodging, etc. It should track the individual entries, and then when it’s time to file taxes next year, just give me a break down of totals by category for entry on my tax forms.

Anyone use or know of any apps like this? I would love your recommendations. Just want something simple.

If you swear by any small business related apps at all, I would love to hear about them. I am definitely looking to simplify my record keeping.


  • Reply OneFamily |

    For mileage a lot of the employees where I work use MileIQ and seem to like it well. I’m not sure about business expenses. We use a paid app program for that, which you probably don’t want to pay for.

    • Reply Deeanna |

      I second MileIQ. I tried using Quicken Books for both mileage and expenses and didn’t like it.

      Ended up using MileIQ combined with an Excel Spreadsheet. I kept a separate business account and then downloaded transactions to categorize them or categorized them in my bank dashboard.

  • Reply Laura Gingerich |

    My husband uses Everlance for his field inspection business and it works great. Can track both mileage and expenses.

So, what do you think ?