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Tax Time is Here


I’ve finally received all my tax documentation. And I’m anxious to file my return in hopes of a return this year. Before my corporate job went bust a year ago, I was “overpaying” the IRS. With my unemployment I did the same.

And finally, with my quarterly business taxes, I have over-paid. I didn’t want to take any chances of owing any more money.

Since I didn’t make quite as much money as I anticipated and overpaid all the way around, I am relatively confident I will get a refund. Both state and federal.

But I’m not sure how much as I haven’t read up on the new tax laws.

How are you feeling about tax season? Did you over or under pay?

My father also advised NOT giving the government a interest free loan and to get as close to breaking even as possible. And I’ve always lived by that, until this year.

But I do really understand the “anticipation” of getting a refund now. I’ve never really paid attention to all the extra marketing that goes into sales during this time of the year:

  • Spend your tax refund here,
  • File your taxes here and use your refund on a car down payment,
  • We will give you your cash now, don’t wait on the IRS,
  • and so on.

I’m not at all tempted. My refund will be going right to debt. And I couldn’t be more excited!

But the twins have big plans for their refunds. And all I respond with every question they ask is “do you think that’s a wise financial decision?” I’ve decided not to “force” my opinion on them and just watch what they do. It’s the last year for Sea Cadet to be dependent on me, no better time for him to stretch his independent wings.

If you are getting a refund, do you have plans for it?


  • Reply angie |

    How do you know you’re overpaying if you don’t know your anticipated taxes?

    As an aside it would make for a good post topic if you went through how you estimated taxes on your variable self employment income. I think it could also help you out if you have any specific questions.

  • Reply Laurie Villotta |

    I always get a lot back. But for 2019 I need to withhold less b/c I could use that extra money on a monthly basis. My goal is to get my emergency fund to $25,000. After getting my 2018 refund I will have $15,000. Hopefully in the next 2 years I can top it off. I have no debt and have only $45,000 to pay off my mortgage which will hopefully be paid off in approx 5 years. Hopefully by the time I am 52 I will be calling the Dave Ramsey show to share my good news. I am a single mom also raising kids that are 11&15. I make very little, but have lived frugally all of my life. I feel very blessed and lucky. My 15 yr old should hopefully get a full academic scholarship to almost anywhere in 3 yrs. That will be a huge load off me. My 11 y/o is smarter than my 15 y/o. You are doing a great job. As they say day by day.

  • Reply Judah |

    Could you explain more about anticipating getting a refund but also having tact debt? The IRS should be absorbing any overage you’re paying in taxes towards IRS debt.

  • Reply angie |

    I’d like to think Ashley is just being smart about going through divorce and not wanting to post discoverable details on the internet where her ex could find it. That’s my guess. Well, on top of divorce being extremely emotionally taxing on top of learning to be a single parent.

  • Reply Debtor |

    Yea. I figured she had to stop posting as much with court proceedings about to happen. Was even surprised she was able to post some of the other stuff. Hopefully u r still reading Ashley and know that there are a lot of readers out here still wishing u all the best.

    Do come back once you are able. You are definitely a big part of this community and I would love to keep sharing in your story. All the hugs and good wishes.

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