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Grateful for Online Shopping and Free Shipping


Christmas is rushing up on me and I am nowhere near ready. I cannot believe it’s just two weeks away. How about you, are you ready?

I am really enjoying a slower pace of life. And a set routine as we approach the end of of the school semester. And of course, enjoying my birthday month with time with friends and the free desserts that many restaurants offer for your birthday celebration!

My cousin (R) and I out to eat last week.

My cousin (R) and I out to eat last week for a birthday celebration.

Shopping Online

I posted my Christmas budget last week and have no doubts that I will be able to stick to it, even come in under budget!

But I’m still not sure what the three oldest kids are going to get. To make sure I am safe, I visited Amazon to make sure I knew the shipping deadlines. Pretty sure the savings I’m getting on shipping costs is making my Amazon Prime membership worth it.

Christmas Dinner

We have decided to try a new tradition this year…Chinese food for Christmas Day. I have never known anyone who did this, only seen it in the movies.

But we figure, we are making a large Christmas dinner this coming weekend for an extended family Christmas and doing another one a week later is just too much. (Especially since none of us are enamored with the traditional Christmas meal foods.)

We’ve invited my Grandmother (91 years old.) I assumed she would be shocked at the idea, but quickly accepted our invitation. I am pretty excited about it. Only Princess is upset since she is not a big fan of Chinese food.

Are you shopping online? Or do you brave the crowds at the local retail shops?

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    I think this is an awesome idea. We have to do two separate Christmas events because my dad refuses to do it with my mom and her new husband. I have to make a ham, and something else for two diff occasions, two days apart. Huge meals are not as fun as people think they are!! And perhaps Princess can grab something non Chinese food that day???

So, what do you think ?