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5 Tips to Tackle Your Netflix Expenses


Netflix has a number of categories for almost every genre. Whether you are a drama lover, romance addict, mystery craver or hooked to horror series, there is something for you. Once you become a member and sign in, you will find yourself attracted to it at the very instant. Now the first month is free but from the very next month you are expected to pay to keep enjoying your favorite movies. Here are few ways to help you tackle those Netflix expenses.

  1. Updating yourself with the New Releases
    Netflix has a habit of constantly changing their rules. Due to this, you might not be able to find the content you were waiting for, and end up buying through other means; for example, Amazon or renting up a DVD. Later, you may realize that the content has been made available on Netflix. There is a way around to it; subscribe to the mailing list, publications or their news page. They will directly send notifications and any updates regarding your selective choice, so you do not miss anything.
  2. Change your Plan

If at any moment you find yourself being too busy to binge over Netflix, you can always opt to change your membership plan to a lower level, thus reducing your costs. There is no restriction to it! To change your streaming plan, just sign in, visit your account page and select the one suiting your situation. The three available options include:

  1. Basic Plan: it allows you to view one screen at one time, standard definition.
  2. Standard Plan: it lets you watch on two screens at the very same time, high definition.
  3. Premium Plan: it permits you to watch on four screens at the same time, high and ultra-definition.
  4. Use VPN or Proxy   
    You can use VPN or Proxy server to save money on Netflix as the company offers different plans for different locations. However, Netflix is working to crackdown on users employing a VPN or proxy server, but there is a way around it. On the other hand, if you are not using any proxy and you are seeing, there is a Netflix proxy error, you can resolve this issue by following any of the steps below.

Step 1 – Turn your modem /router on and off (Restart)

Step 2 – Use the Google Open DNS servers

Step 3 – Clearing your cache of all cookies and browsing data

If all these do not work, your IP might be blacklisted by Netflix requiring you to recycle it through your internet service provider.


  • Save your Data Limit


You can take advantage of T-Mobile app, Binge On that permits you to stream data from particular services on your cellphone without using your data limits. It requires you to register a package with T-Mobile and use as much Netflix as you want on the go.


  • Share with one or Multiple Friends


You can always share your subscription with a friend. Netflix allows standard and premium users to share 2 (standard) and up to 4 screens at the same time (premium). The streaming service also lets you create 5 profiles at a time. Each of the member can buy a gift card and put it in a joint account or one credit card can be used requesting all members to pay to one person and enjoy watching their favorite programs!


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