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Are you looking for a Second Career?


Here are 5 industries that are great for people looking for a change.  

Many people change jobs throughout their career for many different reasons. Some change because of stress, or to have more time with their family. Other people change careers because they are looking for something more meaningful from their work or they simply are bored with the industry they currently are in. Whatever the reason for someone to think about starting over, there are many industries that are looking for experienced workers looking for a new home in the workforce. Here are 5 industries that might be a perfect fit if you are looking for a new gig.


The teaching profession can be a great place for people looking to transition to another industry to find meaningful work. This is not the best place to go if you are looking to distress your life. Teaching is not easy, but it can be the most rewarding industry on the planet. If you are looking to get more out of your work and you want to give back to your community or the next generation, there is no better way than to become a teacher.

Information Technology

Moving in to Information Technology can be a little more difficult than other fields, but it can also be more lucrative. Information Technology is definitely a field that is in demand. It may require going back to school, but there are several full stack developer boot camps that can get your knowledge up to par in a few short months. This may not allow you to jump right in to a high salary job, but it can certainly get your foot in the door. If you have a knack for technology and the desire to learn theories, this can be an excellent choice for a second career.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is the most important part of an organization’s marketing mix today, and typically where the largest portion of a marketing budget is allocated. Far more than being able to use Facebook and Twitter, Digital Marketers are responsible for analyzing company performance, understanding consumer habits and desires, communicating with clients, researching, analyzing, planning, and executing multi-channel campaigns, and more. According to glassdoor.com, Digital Marketers and Digital Marketing Specialists can look to make approximately $50,912 annually, with Digital Marketing Managers earning around $68,234 per year. The University of Vermont is now offering a number of top-ranked, fully online Digital Marketing programs for individuals seeking a career in this growing field.

Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry offers people looking for a new career an infinite amount of options to work with people and pursue their passion. The only way to get in to this industry is not by waiting tables or managing a franchise. If you have a background in sales you could transition to a sales job that caters to selling food, alcohol, or supplies to restaurants. If you have a background in insurance you could transition to being a consultant for workers compensation insurance for restaurants. If you are a foodie, this industry can give you the opportunity to use the skills you have developed in another industry to help in whatever role you take on within the restaurant industry. Those opportunities are vast in the restaurant industry.


Many experienced business professionals initially made the choice to enter the workforce in order to gain economic security and stability. For many people, once they have a solid financial base, giving back to their community becomes their primary passion. The non-profit industry can be a good place to give back to your community, no matter your financial standing. It can also be a great place to use the experience people have gained in other industries.


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