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  • Reply Maureen |

    Hope, I am like you. I LOVE rewards and I am a rewards hog. Some months it feels like I “make money” without even trying. One of my greatest rewards windfalls, which no doubt will be controversial here, is using my Amazon CC. My mortgage company does not allow for online payments unless you have a bank account with them (it’s a small bank that it was transferred to and I don’t keep all my eggs in one basket anyways). The only two options are snail mail with a check or pay by phone with no fee. On the pay by phone option you can pay with your bank account or a credit card (yes, a CC!). I live in Chicago and our mortgage payment w/ escrow is well above the national average. So each month I call and make a payment by phone to my Amazon CC. I pay it off the day it posts. Each month, I get a nice rewards balance to use on Amazon. I have several rewards programs that I use this way. Score!

  • Reply Charlie |

    Me too!! And I love Kohls, especially their online store! They periodically offer coupons codes for discounts and free shipping, and percent off codes can be combined with dollar off codes, in addition to other rewards like Kohls cash, yes2you rewards, cash back portals – it’s insane!

  • Reply Christine |

    And you can combine JCPenney coupons with the rewards, so for instance if you have a $10 off $25 coupon, plus your rewards it will stretch even further!!

  • Reply canadian_sadie |

    I love my rewards points! It makes Christmas shopping so much easier!!! And I use my grocery points to buy all kinds of ‘special’ food items over the holidays as well–things that are definitely treats we don’t usually get. 🙂

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