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Friday Night Update – $100 Hair


Hey guys! Jumping in real quickly this morning (on my way running out the door) to tell you the good news. Last night turned out to be significantly cheaper than I’d expected! YAY!

We first went to a total dive bar (The Buffet for Tucson natives) where I got away with buying a single pitcher of beer for the table (for $10, including tip). Then we went to a different place where I got a single glass of wine and a slice of the pizza-of-the-day, fresh fig. We got there during happy hour so the total there was also only $10, including tip. (Tucson natives – the fig pizza from Time Market is life-altering in terms of pizza. GO! TRY IT! TRUST ME!!!!)

So there you go – a night out with friends for a mere 20 bucks. Not too shabby. And I was still home by 8:00pm to tuck my littles into bed. That’s a good night if you ask me!

Oh – and the $100 hair thing….

At the dive bar a guy came up and tapped me on the shoulder, all middle-school-style. He pointed at his friend (seated behind me) who he said was willing to pay $100 to touch my hair. TO TOUCH MY HAIR!!!

I tried to laugh and be polite (but that’s totally weird, yes??) and ultimately turned the offer down. When I got home hubs laughed and said I should’ve gone for it. lol. Then it would’ve been a free night out plus an $80 gain. Sorry, hubs. I’m not into pimping out my hair. I don’t think we’re that hard up for cash right now.

You be the judge – $100 hair??? ; )


Fact: I took an embarrassing number of selfies in order to get this one (still blurry) pic. This is the best it gets. HAHA!!!


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  • Reply Sue |

    I’m with you……very strange but for $100 I may have done it 🙂

  • Reply C@thesingledollar |

    That is indeed weird. But (a) your hair looks great! and (b) I would have done it and then made sure someone escorted me to my car and nobody was following me, afterwards 🙂

  • Reply T'Pol |

    Yikes! That’s creepy! I would be paranoid by now and perhaps chop off my hair but that’s me…

  • Reply Jen From Boston |

    Eewww… Hair dude is creepy. I wouldn’t have done it, either.

    Awesome, though, on how much the evening cost you!

  • Reply Cheryl |

    That is different, no doubt. A few years back a friend of mine took her son for a haircut and the woman barber offered her $300 , if she would let her cut off all of her hair that reached to her hips. She said she would pay an extra $200 if she would let her friend take video of the haircut. She too declined the offer. And she never took her son back there again for a haircut. That really creeped her out.

So, what do you think ?