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So here’s the thing, I really think that I need to reevaluate my thinking on my Amazon Business.  After posting on the blog about what I was planning to do I got hit with lots of skepticism.  That really got me doubting myself, which doesn’t happen too often.  I was planning on waiting till I got out of debt to consider this venture, but after analyzing all the great data that Amazon has to offer, I realized that if I waited it would be foolish.

When I gave an update on this, I had already made my money back plus $14.  Which doesn’t sound like much, but it proved to me that this was a viable option to make money.  Since that time I have sold six more of this product!  Which grossed me $100.  This is not including the three products that are in the screen shot!  So the total is now up to $140.

I am now realizing the power of Amazon, and I know I have to take this opportunity by its horns.  I know if I had more good selling products, I can move more.  And thus make me more money.  I feel this is the best move for my family, I feel it down to bones.  I have been very active in Amazon FBA groups and am learning tons.  But in order to fully grasp everything, I am going to be buying some books and courses on this.  Now don’t worry this won’t be out of my income but out of my business savings, so I will still be par with my debt.

Hoping you all will support me!



  • Reply Kiki |

    Jim, take a look at this SAHM and see what she is doing on Amazon. I think she sells both new and used products. It’s very interesting. She seems very organized and businesslike and does this very part time, yet nets a healthy sum for her hours and effort.


  • Reply Kiki |

    Jim, she also has links to other Amazon sellers’ blogs on her site, which may also may helpful to read. Last month, she netted about $1,300 on Amazon. I am intrigued also!

    I guess an advantage for her doing Amazon is that she can ship the stuff and not have her house look like a Hoarder’s episode, which happens a lot with the inventory of eBay sellers.

  • Reply Jim |

    Thank you Kiki for the great resource! In my RSS feed, I have about 12 different blogs, about FBA and am always interested in gaining more. Especially since then I can perhaps network with her and pick her brain. So thank you!

    • Reply Jim |

      Oh and two people that I have personally reached out to, who is doing things different than Yolanda, is Ryan Grant and Jessica Larrew. They are making a full time income with this. They also post their income online.

      http://onlinesellingexperiment.com – Ryan’s
      http://jessicalarrew.com – Jessica’s

      I have actually met (well not technically met) and talked with a lot of people about this! I won a ticket for a conference that was at the end of April in Scottsdale, AZ but couldn’t go. That would have been really big if I did.

  • Reply KLM |

    How much time are you spending on this venture? From the planning, coupon clipping, shopping, tracking, shipping, etc.? It’s great that it’s making a profit—but since you’ve said that $15/hour is your minimum acceptable salary, I wonder if you’re close to that with this project?

    • Reply Jim |

      So far not much, I would say the last set I bought took about a hour to shop. No coupon were used in that transaction. Two hours to process, and fifteen minutes to drive to the UPS store. 3 hours and grossed $140, with hundreds of dollars still waiting to sell.

      So far I am on the same track with the items I bought on Saturday. One hour to shop and no coupons. I think this might take a little longer to process, not sure as I haven’t done it yet.

  • Reply Deeanna |

    My suggestion would be to check out the resources at your local library before buying books. And by that I mean not only the hard copy books but also the electronic resources.

    For example, there is plethora of books available as e-books that are more recent than the books in the library. From personal experience, I used to subscribe to Audible to listen to audiobooks while I commute. The overdrive application available at our library offers ebooks as well as audio books. So I no longer subscribe to Audible.

  • Reply Ryan |

    That’s awesome Jim, I think FBA really is a great opportunity right now! Feel free to reach out if you have questions along the way, and thanks for mentioning my blog above in the comments!

    Best Regards,

  • Reply Jim |

    This is a good idea. My library doesn’t have access to electronic books, and I haven’t found anything in our county database that deals with this specific topic.

    I do get lots and lots of free business books, due to the nature of one of my websites. Along with that I also have Amazon Prime, which allows me to get many free e-books.

    Audible is a great resource, especially when you can speed up the reading, I currently listen to books at 3x speed. But I haven’t gotten any audio books in some time. I am more diving into the 50 podcasts that I am subscribed to. I have at least one hour driving minimum each day. So I listen to lots.

So, what do you think ?