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Another one bites the dust!!!


I paid off the Mattress Firm account!!!

I’m glad it is paid in full (and we now own our very expensive mattress outright), but I’d be lying if I said it gave me the same “high” I got from paying off my Capital One card. I think its because I’ve had debt on my credit cards for a very long time (going on 7 years now), whereas we’ve only had the mattress account for less than a year, so it doesn’t feel like as big of an accomplishment (plus the mattress account has been interest-free).

It was necessary to pay it off so we aren’t hit with all the accrued interest and fees that get tacked on after a year, but it definitely doesn’t feel like as huge of a “success” as it did to pay off one of the credit cards that had been hanging around foreeeeeever!

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer because its certainly a good thing. One less debt to worry about each month. Perhaps the more exciting development is that I will now take that $100 payment and snowball it toward Wells Fargo. This means my payments for my Wells Fargo card will increase from $800/month to $900/month starting in June (with possible snowflake payments, too!) Exciting stuff!!!



  • Reply Shoeaholicnomore |

    Great job! You should be excited about this. Keep up the momentum!! Can’t wait to pay off my furniture card in September, then I can use the $150/month to pay off the others way faster 🙂

  • Reply Lynn |

    Don’t short change yourself. This is huge. You are off to. A great, great start!

  • Reply Morgan |

    How exciting! Now what, about 6 months to pay off Wells Fargo? It will be done this year! Congrats!

    • Reply Ashley |

      Thats right, Morgan. My “official” goal is March 2014 to be credit card debt-free….my “personal” goal is to be done with CC debt by December 2013. But, if we keep having good pay months and are able to make sizable snowflake payments it will be well before that…maybe even before the end of summer (August)!!!

      • Reply Stacy |

        I’m confused. Official goal is March 2014…which has already passed…and be done with CC debt by Dec 2013 which has also already passed? Am I missing something?

  • Reply Mary from SC |

    Celebrate this latest success!!! You guys are knocking this out. Look at it as how much you possibly “saved” by not getting bitten by the interest devil.

  • Reply Den |

    Great job! Another win!!! And I LOVE the snowflake to Wells Fargo – you are really making progress now!

    And please be sure to double and triple check that the entire mattress thing is paid off – sometimes sneaky charges lurk and you could be hit with a big surprise. I would call them next month and confirm the 0 balance.

    • Reply Ashley |

      The loan was backed through Wells Fargo (with whom I have the credit card & a checking account), so I can pay online and see the balance there. It’s definitely at a $0, but the “year” doesn’t expire until September so I have plenty of time to make sure there are no sneaky or lingering charges

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