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An “I Don’t Wanna” Kinda Day


It’s Saturday morning and I woke up today not wanting to think or worry about money anymore…like EVER.  I want to just have a day of finance free thinking.  That should be easy enough it seems but my error is that I want to then turn it into a spending frenzy kind of day!  I truly have an urge to go shop and I do not need a thing.  I could certainly create some need but it would be a total creation.  So, instead of surfing some shopping websites on the internet…I’m writing on the blog.

Insert pleasant hold music here.

I want to write a whole bunch of words that encourage me to be strong and sit still and not cave…but they aren’t coming to me.  Instead the words that are screaming in my head are all about those great outlet stores in between San Antonio and Austin.  Then my brain says if I am that far north I might as well hit IKEA.  I need to visit the parents in New Braunfels and I should take them some of this food I just got but I want to stop and get them something random too!

So welcome to my brain this morning…I wonder which part of it will win.  The smart gal who has kicked debt’s a** over the last year…or the brat who just wants a fix.

I’ll report back…


Born and raised in Texas.I've at least driven through every state in the US courtesy of a roadtrip loving Dad.

I'm single with two children and a good parenting relationship with their father.

I am a "life is just half full of funny" kinda gal.Humor is my saving grace and I am thankful for it every single day.I have a strong Catholic faith and am thankful for that foundation.
I read a lot for a living but still enjoy a good book.I love biographies but in recent years have found the need for fun fictional books--sadly, for a long time I just didn't enjoy fiction!
I love live theatre of any kind--from local productions to Broadway.
I love to scrapbook and pride myself in my kids' albums.
I love being a mom but also love my career.I'm blessed to have found a balance allowing me to be at everything my kids need and want me to be at--while also having a career.
Favorite Quotes:Well behaved women rarely make history.
Behold the turtle.He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. -James Bryant Conant

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  • Reply KLM |

    Your parents will probably be thrilled with some of your CSA food. If they’re at all like mine, they have way too much stuff as is.

  • Reply Anon |

    Stay strong Claire …. you can do it! The cyber community is all here to support you.

    My advice is to try to resist ALL non-essential spending today, but if that’s too unrealistic, hit up a dollar store with resolve to not spend more than $5.00. Works for me!

  • Reply Adam |

    I authorize the $5.00. I had a day like this this week…got some tough feedback from my boss and it makes me want to not have a boss!! We are 4 yrs from debt free and then we start working on retirement.

  • Reply Holly |

    Five dollars sounds like a great plan! Claire, you give me SO much hope my for debt-free future….you can do this!

    But I love that you are so transparent and show us all that some days, it’s just SO hard to stay on the path….even when you’re kicking a$$.

  • Reply margot |

    You’re a smart, strong woman who has made it through law school, countless legal cases, two marriage and divorces, having and raising children, and I’m sure a lot more. Surely you can also beat debt, gain self-control over your spending, and not let outlet malls or IKEA rule your life 🙂

    • Reply Claire |

      Have you been to IKEA?


      I am woman, hear me roar…WITHOUT having to SHOP! 🙂

  • Reply ChrissiShikari |

    U can do it!!! (Or by now… U did it!!!) Get some distraction… try a new recepie… update the meal plan… hit the gym… write some thank you notes for your loved ones…

    • Reply Claire |

      Thakn you for this helpful post! I did hit the gym this weekend AND made new recipes! I’ll post details shortly.

  • Reply Kerstin |

    Turn over your will!! Problem solved. Ask your spirituality to guide you. No more struggling!! Go Claire! 🙂 Find something in your house you love and put it in a bag and pretend you just bought it and remember how happy you were. Go hug your awesome garbage can!!

    • Reply Claire |

      Ha! Ha! Kerstin! I was already planning on mentioning my beloved trash can in tonight’s post!!!!

  • Reply emmi |

    Lol. You are sitting on the rail of the wagon and it is rocking . . .

    Or you have what my friends call “nesting instinct” from the move. Based on your next post, looks like you found a better outlet for it. Cooking!

  • Reply Jean |

    I know I’m late to the game (it was a rough week last week), but when I read this post, I immediatley equated it to getting healthy, i.e. diet & exercise routine. You’re losing weight but then you wake up one morning and you’re tired of getting up early to exercise and you don’t want to count calories anymore. While a lot of eating & exercise plans have a ‘cheat’ day or ‘rest’ day planned into them, that probably wouldn’t work for budgeting. But maybe the $5 Dollar Store visit is the same concept? Sometimes thinking about money (or food) just wears you down & you need a break. I think you did a great job of handling it. Hang in there!

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