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I’d rather buy #%*#&…


Bank of America called this morning. I ran to answer the phone when I saw their number pop up on the caller ID. For some crazy reason, I thought maybe they’d magically approved us for the making homes affordable program.


Apparently motherhood makes you totally delusional.

Debra Poindexter (yup, that’s what she said her name was), called to sell me a B of A insurance policy for my home appliances. Sure, she didn’t have a huge chance considering all the appliances in my home are about 20 years old, but the fact that she was selling for B of A killed any chance at all.

Midway through her pitch, I interrupted and said, ‘B of A holds my home mortgage. Considering the horrid level of customer service I’ve had for the past 4 years, there’s a better chance of… well… there’s a better chance of pretty much everything happening before I bought a policy from you folks. Don’t take it personally, but you work for a miserable company.’


‘But have a wonderful day. I really wish you personally the best. We won’t go into what I wish for B of A’ I said.

Then she hung up on me.

What?!? I was being nice!


  • Reply Money Beagle |

    The reason she hung up is because the problems you’ve had with them are not because of decisions that she personally made or had a hand in. People really need to remember that the ones being idiots at BoA (and there are many) are insulated from having to deal with the pi$$ed off customers. Instead, phone agents who are making minimum wage, whose hands are tied by the bueracracy and red tape set by those above them, and who lack the power to make things happen (again, not by their fault) are getting the wrath. While I think that BoA is scum, the bottom line is that browbeating the customer service rep is not going to get through. The only way to ‘speak’ to them is to fire them, aka move your business elsewhere.

  • Reply PonyRyd |

    Priceless! I agree it is not the phone agents fault, but I don’t feel she was browbeat either. You stated the facts, wished her well and let her get back to work. I like to think of it as an efficient use of both people’s time.

  • Reply Internationalmom |

    My daughter worked for B of A for a couple years and found it a horrible work environment. I feel for the young woman who had to call you. The bank took to forcing tellers to make cold calls to customers to sell services and quite literally they had a point system at her branch that if you didn’t meet your quota it could cost you your job. I’m sure it wasn’t a pleasant experience for this woman to have to call you.

  • Reply Nicole |

    Hey, you were waaay nicer than I would have been! Dang it, why don’t I get those phone calls. It would be so fun : )


  • Reply Mar |

    I think you handled that well; unfortunately, the higher-ups will never hear about it.

    For those who think you weren’t nice, no one is forcing people to work at BofA or any other place. Slavery ended a long time ago and while this may be the only job they can get (or think they can get at the pay they want), they are still free to look for other employment and leave when they find it if they don’t like dealing with callers.

  • Reply lizziem |

    That is seriously unbelievable! Talk about the left hand not being aware of what the right hand is doing!!!!

  • Reply centre |

    I just read an article on foreclosure site about Bank Of America conducting pilot program for 1000 homeowners in distress. They’ll give the homeowner a chance to remain in their own home and they’d pay the bank rent. I too would like to see homeowners stay in their own homes. However something about doing home projects that just wouln’d feel the same in a place yu couldn’t truly call your own

So, what do you think ?