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Who Does Your Shopping?


I was listening to Dave Ramsey today and he shared a study that discovered women handle 62% of all grocery shopping trips. I was a bit surprised by this since all the women in my family do 100% of the grocery shopping. Sure, it may be because the women in my family are a little obsessive about saving money and are a teensy bit controlling of grocery finances, but the percentage still seems off.

Who does the shopping in your family?


  • Reply Alexandria |

    My hubby does all the shopping. He has always been more domestic than I.

    Our regional grocery chain has some annoying advertising thing at the moment about how it’s a *mom’s world.* Because only *moms* shop there? We kind of roll our eyes every time, but I didn’t realize it was potentially 38% of the population they were annoying. Well, more than that, since not every woman is a mom.

    Of course, though we may have been *weird* at some point, I feel like a good majority of our neighbor’s hubbys are laid off at current and doing more those domestic things while wife works. So is kind of an economic norm at this point – from my own perspective. Even my mom is sending my dad to do grocery runs while he is laid off.

  • Reply Natasha |

    It really depends on how you define “grocery shopping”. As we have a CSA share, you could argue that the farmer who grows most of our food does most of our shopping! πŸ˜‰

    Okay, but aside from that, I do the vast majority of our shopping, but he does some of it. It’s gotta be like 90/10, though.

  • Reply Jessica |

    I usually do all of the grocery shopping, but lately the hubs and I are trying to make a joint effort. It is probably my least favorite chore in the world, so when he goes with me it is at least tolerable.

  • Reply christy |

    I do all the shopping during the week for essentials like milk and bread, but my husband and I make a BIG grocery trip together every two weeks. So, we do a little of both. He rarely ever goes by himself though.

  • Reply Sarah |

    We both do – it’s probably 50/50 in our household; but we make a weekly list, and since we’ve gotten into menu-planning it’s really kept the grocery bills down.

    For big trips, which is usually once every two weeks, we grocery shop together so we can carry all the bags (since our grocery store is within walking distance). This is also nice because if we run out of a perishable we can just walk up and grab it without being tempted to get anything else (and can result in the rare sweet, cheap surprise – like flowers or chocolate ice cream)

  • Reply Vicki |

    I do the shopping. Occasionally the BF will go with me, but I prefer not, for when he does, the total due is usually doubled. He doesn’t shop for the deals.

  • Reply ib |

    I do all the shopping, but most of the time DH comes with me. Although if I need just 1-2 items I send my husband with a list. Does that count as him shopping?

    That 38% probably also include all the household that are single men (with/without children).

  • Reply Omnomnivore |

    We both go on all the major shopping trips together, though for small trips one of us will just pop out and get a few things, with me going out more often than my husband. For my parents, it’s reversed; my dad goes on more small trips for a few items than my mom.

  • Reply Jean |

    When I was younger, my mom did all of the grocery shopping, but at some point, my dad took it over and still does it today. When my dad took over the grocery shopping, my brother would go along with him; now my brother does the shopping for his family as well.

  • Reply Makky's Mom |

    I do about 90% of the grocery shopping because I plan the meals and do most of the cooking, because I work only 4 days a month compared to my hubby who works 20 days a month. It only makes sense that the person who’s home should do the bulk of the household chores, and it’s hard to do the cooking/meal planning if you don’t know what’s been purchased.

  • Reply Andy V |

    I do pretty much all of it. Unless we are going to Costco, then my husband begs to go. But only because he wants to get every jumbo box of snacks he sees!

    The one time I sent him to the grocery store (I gave him a VERY detailed list), he spent our entire grocery budget (and then some) for the month and we still had nothing to actually make a meal with.

  • Reply Kim |

    I cook. Hubby insists on shopping because he says I don’t buy enough meat (well duh, it’s expensive! I make half of our meals vegetarian anyway). He then takes the list but never uses it, so always forgets a critical item – this week it was ketchup. Argh.

  • Reply Newlyweds on a Budget |

    I do 95% of the shopping on our household of 2. Mostly, it’s because I don’t trust my husband. If he wants something, he’ll just buy it and it drives me INSANE. USE A COUPON, I tell him!

  • Reply Amanda N |

    I do 98% of the grocery shopping. I am a control freak who goes grocery shopping once a week after checking for coupons and on the sales flyer. I have a list in hand(arranged by store lay-out) and only get what is on the list. (Can you say OCD?)I usually take our 21 month old son with me. It slows me down a little, but he loves it and he is great at the store.
    When I was on bed rest when pregnant with him, my sister moved in and went to the store for me. (ALMOST DROVE ME CRAZY!) But thank heavens for the help. Couldn’t have done it without her.

  • Reply Mrs. M |

    I do most of the shopping since I handle the meal planning and coupons. When we used to shop together, I discovered I would spend more money than I should so now Mr. M works on other chores while I’m at the store.

  • Reply Margie |

    I do 98 percent of the shopping for our household. I go once on the weekend with a meal plan in mind and a list. If I forgot something or we run out of an item, I’ll ask DH to swing by the store on his way home from work – but that’s pretty much all of his involvement in the grocery shopping!

  • Reply JMK |

    For the years I worked from home, I meal planned around the sales and make a detailed list. He did the shopping on the way home.

    Now that I’m back to working in an office, I still do the planning and make the list, but it’s our Saturday morning outing together. I do have to keep him focused on the list or he’ll be gazing longingly into the display of giant steaks while I’m hunting for the chicken legs advertised in the flyer. It’s much faster and virtually no straying from the list if I manage to go alone. I tried sending him to other store for 1 or 2 items on sale, but he always comes home with junk so the benefit of the sale is completely lost. I’ve given up on taking advantage of sales at multiple stores unles I can get there myself. Mostly we shop at the store that had the best deals that week on things we need.

  • Reply Tara |

    The hubby does the grocery shopping. It used to be a couple thing… then the kids came. I think he likes to do it so he can have some quiet time. Sometimes I beg him to let me go instead. Oh yeah, he does all the cooking too!

  • Reply Sarah |

    My husband and I both work out of our home. I do the laundry and the dinner dishes. He does the grocery shopping and the cooking dinner. Both jobs I really don’t like to do. I do some of the household shopping (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.,) but he does the rest.

  • Reply Rini |

    Hmmm, I wonder where they get the numbers. Because I’ve noticed that when hubby fills out surveys, he says we “share equally” in the grocery shopping. Whereas I would say I do about 75% of it…

  • Reply Claire in CA, USA |

    I, the wife, do 100% of the grocery shopping. I don’t know anyone whose husband does even 20%. I think Ramsey’s numbers are off.

  • Reply louiseallana |

    A few years ago my husband did 100% of the shopping and cooking and that worked well. Then two years ago we split the shopping and cooking exactly in half for a year – alternating weeks. Now we have a small child and I no longer have the energy to plan shopping and cook so he does all the cooking except when I have extra energy and decide I’m cooking tonight. I arrange delivery of a veggie box every week and bulk dried goods every few months, and we split any grocery shopping that remains, including trips to the bulk butcher, although he does more than me.

  • Reply mom |

    Oh Becks…. remember when your dad occasionally went shopping? You kids LOVED it because he made purchases that I would never have allowed in my cart! Huge difference! Having seven kids made it imperative that we stayed with our list and what was on sale… along with those wonderful saving coupons. Giving each of you your own little bundle of coupons, you would carefully search through the store for the items that you were responsible for. I miss those times… sniff…. but not the additions that you guys would try to sneak in because we had more than one cart due to fact that there were so many of you!! I had to watch each item that went through the check out like a hawk… just to make sure there would be no surprises.. aww those were the days. Good times… good times. πŸ™‚ Love you, mom

  • Reply cindy |

    99% of the time i do it or bring my husband alone. on the off chance he goes alone i’ll make a list for him, with approximately what i think each item should cost (based on the fliers), give him the coupons and the code to punch in for the store card….

    but i always get text messages like…the corn isn’t 2 for 88 cents. it’s 3.49 to which i respond….wow, i’ve never heard of an ear of corn costing that much. well, it’s for 5. ok, then you aren’t in the right spot. i’m already on the other side of the store now. just forget it then.

    i couldn’t find the bread for 99cents so i got the one that was 5.68 because it has nuts in it.

    i HATE sending my husband to the grocery store. i think he does it on purpose so i will just do it! πŸ™‚

  • Reply nikki |

    I do all the shopping/grocery in my house because I am a SAHM. I even shop for my husband’s clothes. My husband pays all the bills though, I don’t even know how much our utilities, mortgage etc. I do have logins to all our accounts but just don’t bother with it.

  • Reply Pamela S |

    We used to do it either together or take turns when I worked out of the house but now that I have a less confined work schedule I do all of it. I don’t mind, as I know the 2 stores I shop at very well & am in and out within an hour. On the very few times he stops in to pick something up it usually costs us much more than I would spend because he hates using coupons & always adds things we don’t necessarily need so I’m good with doing it and saving the money.

So, what do you think ?