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Dear Murphy – Please Move Out…


Murphy’s Law has moved in to our house.

First we had the damage done by our house sitter (update on that later), now we have a fickle water heater.

Our water heater has started leaking an excessive amount of water. If I lived in Kansas, perhaps leaking water wouldn’t be a problem – but I live in California. Forget oil, water is our liquid gold.

My plumber husband has been out in the garage for the last hour and a half trying to save our 5 year old water heater. All I keep hearing is, ‘I’ll get six more years out of you if it kills me!!’

I stay quiet and make a waterless dinner while he slams tools and torches the pipes. Halfway through cooking, he opened the garage door into the kitchen and shouted, ‘It’s a lot more fun to do this while you are getting PAID for it!’ then disappeared again.

We are $75 in the hole so far but I all I can think is…

Thank God I married a plumber – albeit a temporarily grouchy plumber.


  • Reply April W. |

    Sorry to hear that Murphy is taking his toll on you. I love reading your blog every day, as it almost always makes me giggle. Your writing style makes me smile. Hopefully grouchy plumber hubby can fix the water heater and get another 6 years out of it.

  • Reply Prince Of Thrift |

    before I moved, water in Topeka, KS was up to $50/month and I used less then the minimum amount of water that they actually billed you for.

    Hopefully, you get that water heater working again.

  • Reply Holly |

    I hear you about Murphy…..he’s been at my place lately too. Sometimes Murphy makes me take three steps back every one step forward…..but as long as I’m still going forward I suppose…..

    Yep…you’re lucky to have a plumber hubby. Plumbers or mechanics would be nice to have 24/7, that’s for sure!

  • Reply Marianne |

    I’m sure your husband already thought of this but last year our water heater started leaking and finally we realized that something must have hit up against it and turned the temperature way, way up. Because of this the water heater was overheating and water was draining out of the overflow valve on a fairly frequent, but hard to catch in action, basis. It took us awhile to first figure out where the water was coming from and then finally to catch it in action and then to figure out what was really going on. When one thing goes wrong at our house, everything seems to go wrong. I hear your pain.

  • Reply MyMoneyMess |

    Oh, plumbing horror stories. I’ve had my share. They can be expensive too! Yes you are fortunate you’re married to a plumber. That situation could cost you hundreds of dollars and a ton of time if you had to pay a plumber. Most wouldn’t even try to repair the water heater, they’d just tell you that you had to replace it.

  • Reply James Hess |

    I hate Murphy too. The good thing about this story is that you had an emergency fund ready for an emergency. So yes it’s a set back but you were prepared for it so you did the best you could do. Don’t forget to visit my site if you need a loan.

  • Reply emmi |

    Maybe hold a Seance? Sit in a circle with dice shaped candles to represent luck?

    Gah. I hate weeks like that were it just piles up. Hope this is the last thing for you.

  • Reply margot |

    I think that God is sending you a little reminder to get your financial affairs in order and to manage his money well before you travel around the world for exotic vacations. Have you noticed that things started going financially downhill leading up to this trip? Listen to the signs.

  • Reply Moonwaves |

    Good move on marrying a plumber. I went out for lunch with a colleauge recently and just after commiserating with me on how much dental work costs (I’m in the process of getting an implant for a tooth that had to come out at the beginning of the year – obviously the one tooth I’d already spent a fortune on getting a root canal and crown for! Murphy how are you!), she told me me her hubby is a dentist. So no need for her to worry about big dentist bills then. Now, where’s that website for finding men to date who bring lots of practical skills to the mix (and no talk of the double standard that a guy might also like to marry a plumbing wife, a mechanic wife etc., 🙂 )

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