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No Dining Out – Week 4.5…


My husband I and drove to my parent’s house yesterday for dinner. My sister decided to cook homemade french fries to serve with bbq chicken.

I haven’t had french fries since we went on our no dining out hiatus – or any fried food for that matter. I’m terrified of burning myself so I eat a lot of salad and oven baked chicken.

I was in the living room playing with my nieces and nephews when I smelled the intoxicating goodness of hot oil. I ran to the kitchen and on the stove was a cookie sheet loaded with hot fresh french fries.

Oh how I miss french fries. I don’t eat them much but going 30 days without them… well… I miss ‘em.

Thanks to my sister for dishing up the unhealthiest food known to man.

So how is the hiatus going? Um… good?


  • Reply Heather |

    For french fries, you can always bake them. I cut up a few potatoes, coat with a little olive oil & spices, then bake at 400 for 18-20 mins. They are really very good. For extra crispy – put the potatoes in ice water prior to baking.

  • Reply NY Girl |

    Yum!!! I ate a half bag of red licorice yesterday (something I rarely do) and tried to go for a run last night? Let’s just say that 12 ounces of licorice is not considered “fuel” ….I couldn’t run last night for anything….. my point is…. at least french fries are made from potato, which is considered a “food group”…they sound delicious!

  • Reply Brianne |

    sounds yummy! My husband and I are just starting to do our first real budget and ramp up the savings so we can buy a house in the near future. I can only imagine how good his mother’s cooking will taste come November after months of scrimping and saving.

  • Reply Tammie |

    Oh my I haven’t made those in for ever thanks for the “jolt” I may make them tonight with supper. Wtg on the week 4.5 Beks, I was quite surprised last night I had my boys at work and didn’t get a chance to get then supper before their dad picked them up, I gave him the money and low and behold he went to the store and bought stuff to bring home and fix Spent less than $15 for everything. I on the other hand think my mind out weighed my body last night because I stopped for a chicken sandwich and it made me sick HINT HINT you should have ate at home!!!!!! I have pondered doing the same challenge you are andd now I think I prolly will after last nights adventures. Keep up the great work before you know it you will be debt free!!!!

  • Reply Shannon |

    Hey, I’m afraid of frying at home too. I just know I’ll burn the house down!! I make these BAKED sweet potato fries that are YUMMMY. peel & then Slice a sweet potato into frie shapes/sizes. (they don’t have to be McDonald’s thin here!) drizzle with olive oil and then shake on some italian spices. Bake at 350 for about 15 mins, roll them over and bake for another 5-10. They are DELICIOUS, I promise you…and way healthier (and cheaper!!)

    Continued good luck to you!!

  • Reply emmi |

    Baked french fries are just as good as the deep fried kind and SO easy. You just cut them, dry them, toss them in seasoned oil and spread them out on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees until done (25 minutes or so). I don’t bother turning mine. Frankly the bottoms cook faster than the tops anyway with the convection.

    Google “french fried green beans” for a yummy substitute. I’ve not done those on a cookie sheet, I’ll confess. I suppose with enough oil on the sheet to keep the batter from sticking, it could work…

    Speaking of slightly healthier fried things. Google “baked kale chips” for a really interesting snack food. These were strange, but the bowl of them went down fast.

  • Reply Dee |

    I grew up on homemade french fries and I make them all the time for my kids. Over the weekend I went to Khols and bought a $60.00 for $23.00 what a deal. I hate paying pull price for clothes so I always wait for them to go on sale.

  • Reply Mar |

    Heather has the right idea; that’s how we make our fries at home. The ice water really does seem to do the trick. The longer they are in there, the softer they get, so 2-3 hours in ice water means a little less cooking time. Pat them dry, coat them with oil, and bake in the oven until desired tenderness. This works for sweet potatoes too.

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