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Dental Costs…


I budget $25 – $50 each month for dental care. Despite perfect hygiene, including twice brushings and daily flossing, I seem to have especially bad luck in the dental chair.

I have marshmallow teeth. White, straight, and soft to the core.

As my dentist finished the cleaning and moved the chair up, the creepy plastic squeaked in protest. I waited for the bad news and flinched when she pulled out my chart to make notes.

“OK Rebekah. Looks great. See you in six months.”

“What?!? You must have it wrong. I’m Rebekah. THE Rebekah. The Rebekah with her own personal parking spot earned from gratuitous dental work. I haven’t been for a cleaning in two years and I’m good?!?”

She laughed, and walked out.

Before she could change her mind, I ran for the door. I exited and gasped my first breath of air that didn’t smell (and taste) like tooth dust.

No dental work required? This one goes in the record books.

I would recycle the budgeted dental money into debt reduction – but my husband has a cleaning in three weeks and I won’t play with fire on this one.


  • Reply Money Beagle |

    My wife used to get cavities all the time before we bought our house. Our house has water connected to the city supply where her parents place had water connected to a well, so we’re thinking that the well water was missing some key stuff that she’s now getting, as she hasn’t had a cavity in three years.

  • Reply Mindy |

    If we go 2 years w/o a cleaning around here the dentist wants to do a deep cleaning and it costs a whole lot more and is a lot more painful. So I’m usually on time for my cleanings.

  • Reply Dee |

    I need to have your luck at the dentist. My kids have my teeth and we are always getting our teeth worked on. Send me some of your good luck!

  • Reply Hilary |

    The hippie/massage therapist/energy person in me says, “Bad teeth come from worrying about money!” Way to go – it must feel great!

  • Reply Nichole@40daysof |

    Congrats! I never used to get cavities – EVER! Then a couple of years ago I started on a run of bad dental luck. I’ve had two clear visits in a row, and I know it’s a great feeling! Both physically and financially. 🙂

  • Reply Jen |

    YAY!!! I’m in the middle of getting a tooth implant, so right now I envy your dental good luck. The staff at the dentists’ office all know who I am, and I usually have to go in between cleanings to get a filling fixed.

    I’m one of those people who NEEDS dental insurance 😛 And I’m VERY thankful that I have dental insurance!!!

  • Reply Tammie |

    I too have not been a great person in the dental chair Beks, but since I started using an all natural tooth paste the last 3 years I have had no problems what so ever and my gum disease has totally gone from really horrid to fabulous. The best thing about it is our 9 year old is looking good too, now if I could just say that about hubby then we would be great. He hasn’t been in so long and every time I bring it up he cringes oh well its his teeth not mine 😉 Keep up the good dental record Beks

  • Reply Starr |

    Last year I went to the dentist for the first time in five years (graduate school is bad for your teeth), and was shocked at my clean bill of oral health. Of course, I was pregnant and they wouldn’t do x-rays…and i’m pregnant again and need a checkup…Well, we’ll learn the truth soon enough once I’m done with the baby making. Great news for you and keep up the good work! And good planning on your part for expenses.

  • Reply Dave |

    A great article and taking it to clear debt would be a great idea if your hubby gets the same bill of health.

    Congrats to you


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