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Trimming the financial fat…


My husband and I occasionally go out to eat. We squeeze in dinner with friends, a cheap happy hour drink downtown, a rushed fast food lunch, and the occasional Saturday morning California burrito after working out in the yard for a few hours.

At the end of each month, I analyze our spending and look for ways we are becoming ‘financially flabby’. I discovered this extra food spending was contributing to some of our annoying financial flat lining (fatty restaurant food doesn’t exactly add to the aesthetic qualities of our physical bodies either).

I know, I know, we had a good month this month – but it could have been better if I had worked a little harder.

So, I proposed a new rule to my husband. No dinners/drinks/food out for the next 60 days. Fortunately for me, he’s game.

This could get interesting.


  • Reply Sally |

    Hi beks
    I think it’s great to keep trying to trim the fat but just remember those things IIke catching a bite might be keeping yi sane. After you’ve paid your debt, you tend to think you’ll have all the money to do those things you’ve put off, but the reality is you’ll have new goals. You’ll want to keep putting the same huge amount each month towards your next goal. So it means it’s emotionally hard to reinstate little luxuries. You
    may be different but it’s a problem I had. Just think before you cut out all fun! Good luck! You’ve already done so well.

  • Reply Michelle H. |

    Eating out always gets us into trouble too. Keep up the good work on your goals!

  • Reply Shannon |

    WOw…that sounds harsh. I might say limit it to just twice a month or something…on the other hand, you will be saving $$. I hope it works and doesn’t make you crazy in the process! LOL

  • Reply Gbeeson |

    I so miss California Burritos. Just the thought makes me miss San Diego all the more. 🙁

  • Reply Travers |

    Eating out can be bad for your health and money. I’m plan to stop eating at fast food places to save money and live a healthy life.
    Good luck

  • Reply James Hess |

    I just found your blog and I love it. Thanks for the great info and insight. Talking about your debt problems helps relieve stress and gives you new ideas to try. I have found that one of the biggest ways of to save money is by not going out to eat. $50 worth of food could last you a week or one hour at a restaurant.

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