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Time to check that credit report…


Every four months, I check my credit report from one of the three credit reporting agencies. Consumers are entitled to one free report from each agency per year – and I’m not one to let ‘free’ go to waste.

This month: Experian

I discovered the credit reporting agencies are getting a little sneaky. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate these sites to find the free reports. Be careful where you click!


  • Reply Dollar Bill |

    Right, but you can go to the freeannualcreditreport website and easily navigate.

  • Reply Bucksome |

    This is on my calendar for every four months as well. Thanks for reminding people to check it. I haven’t found errors yet, but you never know!

  • Reply mom |

    Excuse me miss pneumonia, but why are you up so early???
    And please don’t tell me that you just couldn’t wait to check your free credit score! What is a mom to do… Go back to bed dear, that report will still be waiting.

    Hugs, mom

  • Reply AprilFire |

    I just did mine yesterday, at Trans Union.

    @Caitlin: There isn’t a site available that will connect you to both available companies that handle this in Canada. You can retrieve your free reports from Equifax and Trans Union.

  • Reply Eddie |

    Go to the aforementioned: http://www.annualcreditreport.com

    The “Free credit report”.com site (the one with the commercials on TV) is operated by, guess who, one of the 3 major reporting agencies. That one is a buyer beware: note their “Important Information” box about automatically getting enrolled into a “pay fer” service if you use them.

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