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My body is weird. Stress doesn’t make me eat more, eat less, or cry a lot.

When I get moderately stressed, the skin around my ears bleeds from an odd rubbing habit I’ve had since I was a kid.

When I get really stressed, my body goes into a self-induced coma.

This job loss has me REALLY stressed.

It’s not a big deal, I just don’t think I should operate any heavy equipment or walk in high heels. In fact, it’s kinda nice. If I ever require surgery, just tell me I’ve got to figure out a way to pay cash for the doctors and I’ll pass right out. I could save a fortune on an anesthesiologist.

My husband is dealing with it exactly as I expected – with a huge smile on his face. I married the eternal optimist. Some people are blessed with the ability to see only the positive in situations, and he’s one of those people. He’s been active in his job search and has been an all around very pleasant person.

It’s annoying as hell.

But at least I get to sleep through it.



  • Reply jaye |

    Oh boy…I can relate. I do the same thing! It is kind of cozy falling into bed at 8:30, completely exhausted. As long as I don’t wake up at 2 am thinking about everything that’s going wrong.

    I hope it gets better for you soon.

  • Reply Another Reader |

    People with a positive attitude and a cheerful smile are always the first to get hired. If there’s a job out there, he’s got a good shot at it!

  • Reply emmi |

    Oh, aren’t optimists just the worst when all you really want is a really good time piss-ranting as a coping mechanism?

    As to your rubbing thing. That’s interesting. I had a friend in school who would chew on her hands out of stress. It was pretty horrific when it got bad, looked like dr. frankenstein and redone her hands. Have you tried rubbing something like petroleum jelly on the spots to reduce the friction when you rub it? Might save some skin.

  • Reply Dawn |

    I am the same way with stress – I get very tired and can sleep for hours – as a matter of fact I could stand to take a nap for a few hours right now.

  • Reply Financial Samurai |

    Great stuff. Try find a sport for a hobby, it really releaves stress.

    The stock market is a leading indicator, and I am very hopeful your husband will find something in 1Q09!

  • Reply emmi |

    Samurai, we are unfortunately going into another set of bubbles. Everyone needs to batten down their financial hatches as if they’ve lost or are about to lose their jobs, because it’s only going to get rougher.

  • Reply momstheword |

    I am glad your hubby has a good attitude. I know my hubby went into it with a pretty good attitude too. He also tends to be a more optimistic, patient kind of guy…..very irritating, lol!

  • Reply Bobby |

    Exercise the stress away if you can. Best stress relief I know. Optimism is very utilitarian in times like this.

  • Reply Financial Samurai |

    Emmi – I’ll take the other side of the argument. I’m living and breathing this rally every day at work. It’s absolutely nuts! Check out my latest post. You’ll see that Goldman Sachs earmarked $734,000/employee this year, which is DOUBLE the compensation of last year!

    Corporate earnings are rebounding, and companies are going to start hiring again in 2010 for sure.

  • Reply John DeFlumeri Jr |

    Good that he is an optimist. He looks at You and it makes him smile. A happy marriage is superior to a job! Keep things in the proper order!

    Nice weekend, you guys!

    John DeFlumeri Jr.

  • Reply Beks |

    momstheword and emmi – I’m such a pessimist. I don’t understand optimists. ; )

    Some Dude – Thanks for the search

    Bobby – Funny you mentioned that, I spent the weekend running. I feel great!!

    John – Thanks!!

  • Reply Michelle H. |

    This made me laugh! My husband is the same way so I can relate. I’m the worrier and he’s definitely not. Thanks for keeping it real!

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