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Credit Card Purchases I Don’t Regret…


I know I’m supposed to say I regret everything I bought on my credit card – this IS a debt reduction blog, I get that – but I don’t regret everything.

My first summer out of college, I flew to visit my sister living in Ireland. I had no money and no job, but this was my first opportunity to see my sister who I hadn’t seen in a few years.

We drank pints of Guinness in dodgy bars, ate Irish/Chinese food, explored the entire island, and somehow crashed her car into a fence. We sat on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher while David Gray sang ‘This Years Love’ from our cheap speakers. I had just started dating someone new (I later married that same fabulous man) and couldn’t imagine a world happier than mine at that moment. I had the most memorable trip of my life… and my MasterCard footed the $1,500 bill.

I know there are many more memorable trips in my future (trips I will save up CASH to pay for) but I don’t regret that ‘foolish’ spending. As I’m paying down my credit card, I try to remember that at least part of that payment is going toward one of the best times in my life. It takes a little bit of the angry bite out of those payments.

Is there something you don’t regret pulling out your Visa buy?

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Singing ain’t this life so sweet


  • Reply brooklynchick |

    Definitely! Several trips I took….as you said, now I save cash for them but I’m ok paying extra now for those in the past.

  • Reply brooklynchick |

    I have never seen this topic on other PF Blogs…but I bet most folks have at least SOME !

  • Reply Thankful |

    The first that comes to mind for me is also a trip — my now-husband and I went to New Orleans for Jazz Fest in 2001 after we had known each other for 3 months. This year, 8 years later, we returned to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. The first trip was almost entirely on the card. This year’s trip, we stayed much longer, saved cash for months and the only thing that went on the card was the hotel. We almost managed to pay for the entire trip in cash, but we haven’t improved that much!

  • Reply stevi |

    I paid for emergency surgery for our cat. We don’t have kids yet, so he’s our favorite source of entertainment, and has a very special bond with my husband. When we had to make a split second decision about surgery to save his life, it was a no-brainer. We now have an emergency fund for things like that, but at the time a card was our only option. Other people wouldn’t understand paying so much for a cat, but he’s an important part of our lives, and we think he’s worth it.

  • Reply Nicole |

    I feel the same way about the trip my family and I took to Yellowstone. Two years later and I still long to go back. Of course the only thing stopping me, money:) No credit cards next time!

  • Reply Jen |

    I found out I needed massive amounts of dental work and no money to pay for it. Rather than wait to save up, I charged all of it on my cc to the tune of $2,000 (yes my insurance is cr@p and I live in an expensive city). i paid it off 2 years later, but at least I can smile properly.

  • Reply Georgie |

    My boyfriend and I went to Europe for 20 days after he passed the bar exam. Since he’s now a successful attorney (and I have my PhD) we feel confident in our ability to repay, slow going though it is sometimes.

  • Reply Bobbi |

    Like you, I took a trip. I went to Switzerland with my mom. She was 82 at the time and thought she probably wouldn’t go overseas again, so we splurged on first class tickets. It was totally worth it. We were there for 10 days and luckily my niece was doing a year abroad for college and we had a place to stay for free. So at least the housing was a little frugal. 🙂 Again, totally worth it.

  • Reply David @ DINKS Finance |

    I haven’t done something like that, but I wouldn’t be afraid to pull out my credit card to take advantage of an opportunity like yours. I may need to use it sometime in the near future for some flights to offices across the country to help me land a job at this one company I am set on working for.

  • Reply Rae |

    We were living away from “home” and wanted desperately to move back. We put our moving expenses on the credit card.

  • Reply Lisbeth Tanz |

    I don’t regret ever using my cc to pay for emergency care for my animals. Last year, it was my cat, Peter, who developed a severe UTI. He nearly died, but today is happy, healthy and frisky as ever. Much more recently (earlier this month), my dog, Katie, developed a terrible stomach issue. Fortunately, after many tests it was determined she was just overly stressed. Our environment has become less troublesome for her and she’s back to her bouncy, ball-loving self, too. In these instances, I’m thankful I have cc.

  • Reply Ali |

    My largest source of credit card debt has been travelling overseas. I’m 29 now and am still paying off debt that was incurred due to my travelling, however I had some of the best experiences of my life and it is something I will never regret doing and I have all of the photos to continue reminding me that it was worth it. Now I do save up and pay cash for my travels and stay a bit closer to home. Luckily Australia has so many fantastic travel destinations!!!

  • Reply Beks |

    Wow! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. Sure I won’t do it again… but I don’t regret it!

  • Reply Paula |

    Ireland! Good times definitely! That visit was the best thing that happened during my time there. And just for the record…it was a stone wall, not a fence. Ugh! Thanks for that memory! Ha! Honored that you thought that was a great trip. Definitely was for me! Still hold Castle Monea close to my heart and every time I hear that David Gray song I think of those times! You’re a legend-the best kind of sister one could hope for.

  • Reply Gretchen |

    When I was 19 I moved to Florida and bought a bicycle and pedaled my way around. It was a trip I will never forget. Now at the age of 49 I have no credit cards, but debt I have. I’m paying it down by selling my stuff at auctions. It’s truly amazing how much you can get for your (stuff) at auctions. Just be careful and know what the auctioneers % is first. NO REGRETS HERE JUST GOOD TIMES.
    It’s time to pay the piper.

  • Reply Rae |

    I charged my mom and 2 high-school age younger sisters’ plane tickets to my college graduation, as neither my mother or their dad has the credit to even have credit cards. My mother paid me back as soon as I made the purchase but over a year later, I’m still waiting for that $300 for my sisters’ tickets. Those and most of the other tickets for my own flights home during college have been paid off, but I can’t regret having my sisters see me walk across the stage for my BA – hopefully it inspires them. Luckily I’d saved up to pay for the gas for the drive back + hotel to my hometown from college though (1300 mi). It was a great road trip for the four of us. I still have a ticket or two and some very lousy spending decisions to pay off. The latter I definitely regret!

So, what do you think ?