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$12,000 Paid Off, Finding Peace, an Interview and a Comeback


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about bringing Blogging Away Fat out of hiatus status. Amazingly, my weight has stayed very constant since going on hiatus. That tells me that I just need a little more motivation to keep the scale going down.

I think this weekend there will be an update over there.

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week:

One year…$12,000 in debt…gone!. Congrats Starving Artist!!

DebtKid gives some tips on how to find peace during financial turmoil. Sometimes it is tough to ease your mind when things are tough financially (I’m still an ear wiggler!)

LuLuGal wanted some dirt on me and asked me some questions. Thanks for the opportunity!

Lastly, a blogger who was a huge inspiration for me is back to blogging!


  • Reply Jim |

    I have pondered the thought of starting My Debt Blog back up. Part of the reason it was taken down was my wife didn’t like it and the some of the mean comments it was receiving. I know most PF blogs are personal and financial, but I think the personal side came out too much (ranting) instead of focusing on the purpose, financial. Even without the blog I’m paying off debt, which is all that really matters. If I do bring it back it’s going to be less about my point of view and more about me and my wife since we both have to have a common goal. Just have to weigh out the pro/con situation and see if my wife will contribute to it sometimes too.

  • Reply DebtKid |

    Tricia, I tried the ear wiggling thing one night. No luck! Maybe I’ll try again tonite, it would be kind of cool to be able to move my ears on cue…neat party trick at least.

  • Reply Starving Artist |

    With respect to “Blogging Away Fat”: I think it’s really hard for bloggers to keep two good blogs up and running–it takes so much time and effort, it often detracts from the goals the blogs aspire to. I’m nervous that Get Rich Slowly has started an excersice blog–I don’t want him to get too distracted from his awesome PF blog (although he recently began blogging full time, so maybe he has that luxury). I would keep concentrating on making this the best blog you can!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Jim – I was curious why you stopped, but didn’t want to intrude and ask. The comments can be very rough. It would be interesting to hear both you and your wife’s viewpoints on your situation.

    DK – Bummer. I still do it every night, but I can only do my right ear. My left ear will not budge.

    Starving Artist – Good point. I was going to stay on hiatus, but recent medical problems are swaying me to start back up with Blogging Away Fat. I’m not sure if the medical problems are related to my weight, but losing more of it can’t hurt.

  • Reply hank |

    I TOTALLY agree on the rebirth of DefyingDebt – was a big fan myself – so I’m interested to see where it goes! Good call…

  • Reply Jesse |

    I disagree with starving artist about Blogging away fat, though it does take time to keep both up, If you are blogging away fat as a progress checking tool, I think its a great thing to have. Any extra motivation is worth it. Of course having been a personal trainer, I am biased towards fitness blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Lulugal11 |

    I just found the wiggling ears post and commented on it.

    I taught myself how to wiggle my ears a few years ago so you can read the comment on that instead of me retyping it here.

    My reason for stopping here was to say that readers of this blog really LOVE you Tricia because they visited my post on your interview 113 times!!!!!!! Thanks for the traffic!

  • Reply Beany |

    Thanks for pointing out the the debt defier was back. It was one of my initial favorite blogs too. And her last update on her Thailand blog was months ago…so I did wonder what happened.

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