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A Look Back at 2007 – $7,400 More of Our Debt Paid Off


I’m on a roll – and I’m not going to stop until I finally catch up on things that I’ve been wanting to get done. One thing I’ve been wanting to do is write up a recap of 2007. In a way, I didn’t want to review the year because it was a difficult one emotionally. But I feel better now that I’ve gone through it. So here we go!

I Feel Like We Are Gettting Back on Track Again – I lost a bit of steam at the end of 2006. But a bigger payment to our debt helped to get me motivated again.

This Would Be an Argument for an Emergency Fund – We started off with no emergency fund, but I’m slowly seeing the importance of one.

Those Darn Bumps in the Road – Debt reduction sure is one rocky road.

Smoothing Out Those Bumps in the Road – My suggestions on how to smooth out those bumps.

Credit Card Debt Update $23,517 – Getting closer to $20,000!

No More Green and Purple – I changed the look of the site to blue.

How I Reduced My Finance Charges from $400/month to $100/month – If you can lower your finance charges, more of your payments can go towards the principal balance.

It’s Time – With $122 in our savings account, it was time to beef it up.

I Was an Emotional Shopper – Funny how watching a TV show can sometimes make you realize something about yourself.

Reducing Debt – Where Did We Start – Going back to basics and sharing how it all began.

How Far Will I Go To Pay Off Our Debt – Some people go to major extremes to pay off debt. Here’s how far I will go.

Big Announcement – I’m Pregnant – Probably the happiest day of 2007.

Some Very Sad News – A very heartbreaking day, and even while writing this I am getting teary-eyed.

Go Purple and Green – I brought back the purple and green colors that you see today. I missed them…they were so “me.”

Credit Card Debt Under $21,000 – Getting even closer to $20,000.

A Very Special Personal Finance Interview 6 Months Later – Kids are the greatest when you ask them questions about money.

The Result of My Life Insurance Shopping – We are working to reduce debt, but we are also working to get other financial matters in order. A big part of that is getting health insurance for me and my husband.

Why Did It Take So Long – We’ve been in debt quite a while. Why did it take so long to finally do something about it?

Credit Card Debt Under – Our credit card debt was finally under $20,000.

I’ve Created a Garage Sale Monster – During the summer we had three garage sales. My son really got into it.

It’s Official – Our Debt Load Increased by $1,600 – A big setback after correcting a mistake on a prior year tax return.

Operation Garage Sale – Parting With My Collection – I love bald eagles and had a huge collection. To simplify my life, I said goodbye to it.

Credit Card Debt Update – $20,602 – Getting closer to $20,000…again.

A Year and a Half Later – I Still Get Sick of Being in Debt – I think I feel this way at least once every couple months.

A Very Somber Holiday Weekend – Another sad day when a friend was killed in an accident.

I Had No Clue You Could Shift Credit Limits Around – You learn something new everyday!

What To Do If a Credit Card Employee Calls You – If you ask questions, you can find out some interesting info.

A Few Changes Made a Big Difference in Our Electric Bill – Little changes can sure add up.

I’m 30 But Going on 40 According to My “Real Age” – That was a bit eye-opening.

Downsizing Your Home to Save Money – Our home is 1100 square feet to begin with, but there’s room to downsize.

Deja Vu – Credit Card Debt is Under $20,000 – Under $20,000 twice in one year 🙂

Done Deal – All Of Our Credit Card Debt is at 0% – This was a great accomplishment for 2007.

Five Words That Sum Up Our Debt Payoff Success – Five little words that pack a punch.

The Evolution of Our Emergency Fund – I was anti-emergency fund – but now I am pro-emergency fund. This is how it evolved.

Emergency Fund Update – $1,500 – We spent some time beefing up our savings.

Nope – I Don’t Feel Like Thinking About Debt Today – Some days debt seems trivial.

We Have Paid Off Half of Our Credit Card Debt – $18,807 was the magical halfway point in our debt reduction journey.

Renting Versus Buying (On a Smaller Scale) – What would have been a simple decision before (put it on credit!) isn’t so simple anymore.

Savings Account Update – $2,869 – We rounded out 2007 with a savings account balance that still amazes me. We have money in the bank!

Our 2008 Financial Goals – Lastly, I made some goals for 2008.

So there’s 2007 in a nutshell. For those of you who have told me they have read through my old posts…wow! That’s a lot of reading!

And if you would like to check out 2006, here’s a link to that post.

Coming up soon – a post highlighting my frugal posts of 2007. And I’m still working on that super-post of tips about saving money on groceries.


  • Reply arduous |

    I looked at your networth and I noticed that it’s bumped up again to where it was before the tax issues last year. So congrats!!! You’ve come a long way.

  • Reply Chief Family Officer |

    I missed your pregnancy and miscarriage news last year. I’m so very sorry. I know firsthand how difficult it is to lose a pregnancy and even years later, I still get emotional about my losses. But I hope you’ll have a new baby in your life soon, or whenever you are ready. I think you’re also doing amazingly when it comes to erasing your debt, so good job!

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