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Ignore Finance Experts, VLOOKUP, Debt Disease, and Making Your Debt Known


After waking up around 6:30am this morning to hit a few Black Friday deals (there was NO WAY I was getting up for 5:00am when the sales started!), I’m still wide awake and it’s nearing midnight. That’s good, because I was able to catch up on a lot of my blog reading. Here’s a few articles that caught my eye.

Jim’s at it again with his juicy devil’s advocate posts. This time, he’s saying that you should ignore personal finance experts.

Ricemutt wrote a great tutorial on how to use the VLOOKUP function in Excel. If you use Excel, this is a super-handy tool!

Glblguy is wondering if debt is a disease. I don’t think it’s necessarily a disease, but rather a symptom of something else going on.

Cleverdude has the stance that you shouldn’t be afraid of the big bad debt. He shares his financial situation with everyone.



So, what do you think ?